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NOTICE: Thursday, March 01st, 2012


I am NO longer authoring my personal blog! Sorry folks the global business is now developing and I have to devote much more time to that task! Feel FREE to follow an occasional posting on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, The Ladders and/or Skype, etc. I am on those social media platforms albeit very limited; I am there nonetheless!!! I may still make a limited occasional blast here but not as often as I'd like too! :_)


09/20/11: Miami Book Fair International; Miami, FloridaNovember 13th – 20th, 2011; Mark your calendar and Save the Date for the world’s largest convergence of: Publishers, Agents, Readers, Bookstore Buyers, Librarians, and MEDIA. This major industry event has attracted such authors as: Anthony Bourdain; Nikki Giovanni; Dave Barry; George Hamilton; Alonzo Mourning; Salman Rushdie; Martha Stewart; and Cornell West in the past. Great networking opportunity for professional and aspiring writers! Click here to read.

09/20/11: Pebble Beach Hawaiian Luau Island Hop Exclusive Experience – October 13th; One incredible luau, 300 lucky people and “You’re Invited!” US $130 per person inclusive, US $29.95 for children 10 and under inclusive. (831) 647-7441 to reserve. Roy’s is located at The Inn at Spanish Bay - Gate fee waived for luau. Fresh flower lei for each guest; Traditional luau buffet; Live Hawaiian band & hula dancers; Roy’s signature dishes. Reserve your seat today! Click here to read.

09/17/11: GOD Rocks :_)!!!

09/12/11: "Veritas Vos Liberabit!" Have a GREAT day and work week! :_)

09/12/11: NYC Private Equity 2011 – National Business Innovation & Growth Capital Forum; If you have an innovative enterprise and are looking for possible “Private Equity Capital,” Check out this opportunity to apply to present on September 21st at the Yale Club of New York to more than 150 of the Nation’s Leading Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors. Click here to read.

09/11/11: Attention Central Arkansas (and surrounding areas), Please join the STAND Foundation for a “Job and Career Summit,” at the Metroplex Center in Little Rock starting at 9:00 a.m. This event is sponsored in part by: Department of Workforce Services, AR Dept of Workforce Education, AT&T, Central AR Water, UAMS, UAPB, et. al. For more: 501-374-8788 and online at: Click here to read.

09/11/11: A very special congratulations and salute to brother Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, and the faculty, staff and student body of Philander Smith College for their recent public recognition and acknowledgement from Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church for making a difference in the World community! A “Well Done” nod and acknowledgement is in order to all! A very positive solute!

09/11/11: The gift of Mortality grants man an opportunity to learn and subsequently contribute to the Eternal ways of the Universe, before transitioning  to receive immortality. Mortal life determines the “after life;” Heaven OR Hell! We are ALL related, decedents of the “One True King!” Individual yet One, sent to seek Him and His ways before transitioning into eternal Glory or damnation. There WILL BE a personal account of every thought, decision, and/or lack thereof upon “Judgment Day."

09/11/11: Man’s number one enemy is NOT our differences, preferences and/or our personal religious beliefs. IGNORANCE and/or a severe lack of knowledge and understanding is man’s common enemy. Mortal beings arrive on Earth with individual talents, traits and gifts that are intended for the collective whole, hence: “Out of Many – ONE!” Knowledge of GOD’s plan is necessary for long-term survival. Reaching out is NOT hard. Helping is both an Honor and a Privilege; and Sharing is why we live. ~ W.G.L.

09/08/11: The tone has been is set! Now the actions and results should be very interesting. Personally, I’d like to see more integrity, ethics, and patriotism shown at ALL levels in American society, and LESS GREED and entitlement which seem to have become the "pervasive norms." I am super interested in the “made in America stamp,” but as a founder/chairman of a small technology enterprise, I will ONLY be more motivated IF my larger American capitalists counterparts STEP UP and set the example! The small enterprise can not and WILL NOT do it alone! Period!

09/08/11: Movie Premier: "I Don’t Know How She Does It;” Premiering: Monday, September 12th, 2011 in NEW YORK CITY! :_) Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Greg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan, Seth Meyers, Kelsey Grammer, Jessica Szohr, and Busy Philipps; This message is brought to you in part by:™; Click here to read.

09/07/11: V.I.P. at the Emmy’s, THE California Governors Ball and the HBO After Party??? REALLY?! Now this is what I call seriously MAD SWAG! California is clowning!!!!!!! lol First the Clinton event in October and now the Emmy’s! HARD TOO MISS! May need to investigate “an appearance!” I HEAR YOU HOLLYWOOD!!! :_) It really is ALL GOOD! Might also need to reach out to “my friends” over there at Dillard’s! ~ God Rocks!!! Click here to read.

09/05/11: It DOES NOT take a lot of money. It takes a lot of faith in an All Seeing and an All Knowing Creator. This is why, “In God We Trust,” is printed on the 'dollar bill' and NOT, “in money we trust.” lol Do not be fooled, open your eye and seek truth, light and everlasting understanding for life’s truest meaning! “Fiat currency” and other Earthly Possessions are worthless without the ‘stamp’ of the King. ~ Rocking.

09/04/11: Just pulled another 17 miles!!! Expensive habit! Past time to shoe shop! My favorite shoe by far is the Nike Shox (US $90 to US $150 a pair – ouch!). When you average 30 to 50 miles a week, you burn them up fast! Just took a quick look at the US $1.24 annual yield on NKE. That is not a bad annual dividend. Maybe I should buy the stock instead and run in place at home. lol

09/04/11: Tell the world what The Creator has spoken to you that is intended for others. Self publish on Amazon and elsewhere using their print on demand subsidiary, “Share ‘the good news’ and receive extra special Blessings!!!” Click here to read. “Divinely Applied Knowledge can be both an Elevator as well as a Liberator!” ~ W.G.L.

09/04/11: Perspective: In a time where the world seems to be crashing in and so many people are negative, ‘cynical,’ judgmental and hateful, etc. Remember who’s opinion “really matters” in the end. Seek Him only then ignore and keep guard over all that enters your Earthly Temple. Keep distance from negative people, negative thoughts and/or “overly critical opinions,” etc. lol. Live YOUR life ONLY as He has directed you to!!!

09/04/11: Fortitude: No matter what the enemy tells you, no matter how your adversaries describe you; YOU MATTER! Period. We are all Gods children sent for a divine plan and purpose! Always remember that. Keep your head up, shoulders back and march forward with an internal sense of Anointing that can only originate directly from The Source! :_)

09/01/11: Just received a heads up, on President Clinton’s upcoming "Decade of Difference," party/concert/celebration to be held Oct. 15th in Hollywood, CA (one of my all time favorite cities)! This is going to be BIG FUN!!! Man and I have prior commitments. I will definitely keep an eye on the schedule to see if anything lets up!!! Thanks for the heads up, “Mr. President!” Eye know this will definitely be one for the record books!!! :_)

08/29/11: Stop playing the victim! People can and will only do what YOU allow them to do! There is no such thing as, “they did this or they did that to me!” Nine chances out of ten you also played a staring role in that feature film! lol Stand up, brush off and take responsibility for your own life and stop willingly ceding your power to fools, villains and the misguided! ~ Rocking!

08/29/11: Gods Law: There is death, so that there might be light; There is pain so that there might be healing AND understanding; There is war and famine, sickness and disease such that all souls will eventually come to depend, know and rely upon Him as the Sole Solution. Everything in life is relative, in fact its our evolution! Whatever your choices shall help to shape and determine the beauty of the journey you will perceive, conceive, receive and ultimately achieve!

08/28/11: Through the storm cometh a Bright light shinning atop a gleaming and glowing Hilltop! Devastation and Destruction is only but a GOD given pathway towards the clearing of your pallet (your old ways) and illuminating the way forward for what is next to come! BREAKTHROUGH and Triumph! lol When the storm passes always remember to step out of the valley (ON FAITH) and into the Light where you will be able to 'witness' and “receive” all that GOD has prepared for you! Be encouraged and know that, “there is always a Blessing in the midst of your storm!” Rocking! ~ W.G.L.

08/26/11: I have got me a taste for some double stacked, double chocolate, with chocolate icing – sour crème chocolate cake! I am; however, going to behave and NOT indulge! :_) I have been doing way too much cookie and doughnut eating lately… I cant bend the swag with too much lag! I have gotten used to the 32 inch waist, but when I get back down to me goal weight (175 - 180) I’m pledging to have me some chocolate cake! lol :_)

08/21/11: Check out the developing and tentative GLOBAL corporate structure design plan for™. This tentative global structure design plan published: 08.21.11.™! - Click here to read.

08/19/11: Wait I just realized something. The United States is in much greater debt than the US $14 Trillion stated to the people because of the values of other world currencies. According to CNBC the US Dollar reached an all time low against the Japanese Yen TODAY! That means that it takes considerably more US dollars to pay the global debt that our beloved ancestors have racked up! LOL! OMG; I love it! We are way in over our head and have not a single clue! Now where is my passport! lol :_)

08/19/11: Just read a status from WSJ (Wall Street Journal, on Facebook) where republicans are considering taxing the “overwhelmingly poor.” lol Not that I really care all that much personally, but for those who have dependents, get money back and/or are paying absolutely NO TAX, you should consider focusing some energy on the political discussion and/or agenda. Decisions regarding your future are being contemplated right now! Take some time out and let your voices be heard!

Personally, I like the FLAT consumption tax idea where everything would be TAXED – period, and I do mean EVERYTHING! You would only pay taxes when you spend money. I would tax everything from milk to mortgages, cars to energy. You want it, you use it, you experience it, you pay! Period! No more of this borrow and spend shell game and say that only the wealthy pay the taxes. “Corporate subsidies” is another phrase for ‘Welfare!’ We would not be US $14 Trillion in debt if EVERYBODY were really paying what it truly cost to live. My 2 cents. :_)

08/19/11: Just in from a 10 mile walk. There is NOTHING like a 3 hour, 5 a.m. hike through the brisk cool morning air blowing smoothly through my low cut hair! :_) This is the BEST way yet that I have learned to connect with and be one with the all true and loving GOD! Watching the sun rise is a Blessing and a Gift! I am enjoying this “natural high!”

08/18/11: Shout out and a BIG Happy Birthday (tomorrow 08.19.11) to Arkansas’ ‘Sun,’ and one of its ‘Brightest Stars!’ #42 We salute you on your 65th, as well as your outstanding and Long-Lasting Legacy. Your commitment to improving the lives and dreams of others around the globe is very appreciated! Congratulations on a Superstar life! Here’s to a Wonderful Job, a Wonderful Life, and a Wonderful Legacy; Happy Birthday Mr. President! ~ W.G.L. Click here to read.

08/17/11: Will the republicans please stand up and produce a ‘viable candidate?!’ I mean come on, this is not shaping up to be a “good fight!” Not naming any names, but one is an “airhead” and says whatever comes to mind, one is a total and complete joke, and now here comes another cowboy riding in LATE! Man the race is ‘bout over and you decide to rush in like a fool waking up from a drunken slumber late for work! Eye want to see a good fight!!! :_)

08/16/11: Yesterday (08/15/11) I added another all important and interesting "brand" to my dynamic and developing Internet portfolio. Today I am pleased to present, welcome and announce my newest "print on demand brand" into the fold! Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm and hearty welcome to: 13thSquare™ online at:™!

08/12/11: Wealth is: Health for without it nothing else really matters; Peace of mind in the midst of a storm; Unconditional Love and Support from family and friends; Financial stability with meek, humble and limited “ends;” The knowledge and ability to Bless and Forgive; Wealth is ultimately the ability to See and Feel Gods Love! Focus on multigenerational “Wealth Creation,” instead of simply ‘earning money,’ for money fades yet ‘true Wealth’ is Everlasting! ~ W.G.L.

08/11/11: For those who are financially inclined sign up to receive targeted and relevant market knowledge and information from CNBC’s own, Jim Cramer through! – Check out: today! This message is brought to you in part by:™ &™!!!

08/10/11: GET MOTIVATED! Seminar – Coming to Verizon Arena Tuesday, August 30th. Speakers (live and in person): Bill Cosby, Lou Holtz, Gen. Powell, Laura Bush, Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, Rudy Giuliani, and Terry Bradshaw. Click here to read. To purchase tickets and to reserve advanced seating click here; This is an event that you will NOT want to miss!

08/10/11: Lean to NO MAN in your time of need, struggle, and/or hardship, etc. for the body was designed to eventually fail! ALWAYS look to the HILLS to which supernatural and “invincible” strength cometh! Only GOD can grant everlasting Favor, Strength, Peace and Serenity. Hitch your tow to an “unchanging,” NEVER failing and everlasting ‘truck!’ lol Already off to another wonderful, beautiful and Blessed day! :_)

08/09/11: INTRODUCING (my newest toy), a™ developing global financial services and payment processing network. “Revolutionizing The Way You Pay!” GOD is GOOD! Rocking! :_)

08/09/11: My theory on why American stock markets are down and U.S. bonds are up, “superrich” Americans (and others) are selling a portion of their stock holdings to purchase U.S. debt to keep the country from: (1) printing more money to service foreign debt and (2) from defaulting on the debt already issued to foreign government debt-holders. This is good (assuming that I am somewhat correct in my thesis) except it still saddles future  generations of poorer Americans with higher interest rates and taxes, etc. lol henceforth “Economic Slavery!”

08/09/11: I’m all for a BALANCED BUDGET amendment. Send it to the states and let the people decide how we want to live. Cleaning up this mess is not going to be easy, but make the folks “official partners” in the disaster recovery! We can handle it! Also, chill on the attacks and finger pointing; This trajectory began decades ago, everyone has culpability! Spoken like a "staunch" democratic AND republican supporter!

08/09/11: I wished congress would consider cutting their vacations short and getting back to Washington to figure out a way to pay “outside” countries off! Americans NEED to own more U.S. debt internally. U.S. based corporations also need to produce and export more goods and services from this country and eradicate “trade imbalances!”

08/09/11: Dear Mr. President, Senate & House, please pay down the debt, cut spending and STOP borrowing (from foreigners)! Provide incentives for Americans to buy U.S. debt! Don’t just focus on JOBS and continue to ask Americans to work their entire lives with no guarantee of social security. That’s unreasonable! Americans are strong and resilient, we did not get here overnight, but it’s time our country lives within it's means. ~ W.G.L.

08/08/11: My weigh in; Congress does not get it! DO NOT default on pay to our soldiers! PERIOD! In a time of “rationing,” priority of payments should be: (1) active duty military; (2) nations security (FBI, NSA, TSA, etc.), (3) retirees WHO actually paid in (it is their money!) and (4) debt holders & everybody else! CONGRESS gets NO PAY if we default!

08/07/11: Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation announces a FREE Prostate Cancer Education and Screening Event in Fort Smith, Arkansas, September 01st, 2011; For more information contact: Lauren Talbot, MPA Director of Programs,, 501-748-1205 Click here to read.

08/06/11: R.I.P to the soldiers killed in action. Thanks immensely for serving! I always appreciate those ready, willing AND able to make the ultimate sacrifice for “global” security!!! Much appreciated! The PRICE of freedom! Head hung low in salute to your honor and your sacrifice! GOD BLESS! Rocking! ~ W.G.L.

08/04/11: Life Decoded: by “fire” the next time around, its safe to say we are headed in that direction; and “NO man knows the time nor place…” but we are not men, we are after all at our core, “spiritual beings,” and IF we are obedient and listen to the “Universal Spirit” It will direct and guide us towards the paths to answers to which we so worthily seek! Got to love the power of the ‘Living Word!’ 12.21.12. Rocking! ~ W.G.L.

08/04/11: 114 ALL TIME HIGH set yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas (source KTHV Channel 11). IF we do not seriously address carbon emissions NOW, life as we know it WILL end! At this rate temperatures as high as 150 in less than 5 years is attainable. Power generation systems were not designed to sustain these levels of heat and WILL fail. It is past time to convene the ‘global roundtable!’

08/02/11: Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation announces a FREE Prostate Cancer Education and Screening Event in Yellville, Arkansas, August 30th, 2011; For more information contact: Lauren Talbot, MPA Director of Programs,, 501-748-1205 Click here to read.

07/31/11: YEAH!!! I just completed writing another chapter of my new business book,! BLAH! all of this “work” is cramping my “party boi” lifestyle! lol… I AM JUST PLAYING… It is freeing however to be getting it done! :_)!!! Global affiliate group here we come! GOD Rocks! TV time!

07/30/11: I know some ‘politicians’ we (my generation specifically) ought “DIG UP” (and a few living) and ask what were they thinking! Whatever happened to “pay as you go?!” Social security should have NEVER been touched in the first place. That was somebody else’s money! Now look at this mess! :_) My 2 cents.

07/30/11: China called and said that, “the bill is due!” lol. Front row seat to one of the BIGGEST transfers of American wealth EVER. Truth of the matter is it does not matter how much cash American firms are holding, IF you are NOT “multinational” and holding currencies from around the world then your “spending power,” is slowly but surely diminishing.

07/29/11: What Gov is probably NOT saying is recent Japan disaster (large creditor) has them wanting to “cash in” & begin rebuilding, that combined with less countries willing to buy US debt (i.e. quantitative easing = fed reserve printing money) means US is bankrupt. Cant tell the people would severely disrupt global markets. Buying time for solutions. Diversify currency portfolio.

07/28/11: “Saving the World - One Child at a Time." Harlem Educator and Social Advocate Geoffrey Canada, slated to headline one day “educational conference” in central Arkansas. The “Waiting for Superman,” documentary superstar is well known for his personal contributions to the New York educational System. lol – can someone say, “™!” Click here to read.

07/28/11: Arkansas First Lady Ginger Beebe weighs in on $20 Million Walmart Grant to Museum. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art receives $20 million grant from Walmart to sponsor FREE admissions for all! Click here to read.

07/28/11: EXCLUSIVE Opportunity to try Seduction "full size" fragrance FREE BEFORE it hits ‘major department stores!’ I just love the word FREE! lol Click here to read, and click here to try.

07/28/11: Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), a division of Arkansas Economic Development, is set to hold the Second Annual Arkansas Delta Green Expo. The event which is touted as an, “environmental business expo” is slated to be held in Stuttgart, Arkansas, September 9-11, 2011 at Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas-Stuttgart. Click here to read.

07/27/11: Let’s face it, taxes ARE eventually going up. If not directly through income taxes then indirectly through higher interest rates and payments for services that the government formally provided. May be time to save and trim personal spending. Even if a percentage of the debt were forgiven interest rates are still most likely going up. My 2 cents…

07/25/11: Invitation to network and learn from Ping Identity®. “Cloud Computing!” I hear you Ping. Sorry I can’t make it out, prior commitments (my sincerest apologies)! I will reach out in a few weeks to explore partner opportunities! Keep me in the loop! ~ W.G.L. Founder:™ & Author:™! Click here to read.

07/24/11: Since the dawn of time, the only constant in the “life equation,” for mankind has been that of CHANGE (or ‘Delta’ lol :_). The very essence of our planetary existence and wellbeing relies heavily upon our ability to adapt, embrace and ultimately master an ever so evolving environment. "Natural selection" and the "survival of the fittest" are 'Earthly laws' no man escapes. ~ W.G.L.

Congress therefore really needs to come together, 'get it together' and make some things happen, FOR THE LONG TERM; NO more short-term fixes and punting the ball, because WE KNOW what the Bible says about a “lack of vision!” One way or another ‘Mother Earth’ WILL weigh in. lol An “inaction” is therefore “an action!”

07/24/11: Cool jazz on the banks of the Arkansas River! Invitation to wind down a sizzling HOT summer with the incomparable, Lalah Hathaway. Get your tickets now through Ticketmaster or online at Rhythm on the River is brought to you in part by Porter's Jazz Cafe, Copeland's Restaurant and Art Porter Music Education, Inc. Click here to read.

07/23/11: Shout out to Donnie Payten & Club Vault, Denton, Texas - Arrive in style, skip the line, FREE entry, FREE alcohol, V.I.P. treatment & then a ride back home! GOOD DEAL Denton, Texas, “Club Vault!” Thanks for the invite Donnie P! Will look you up next time I’m in town! Click here to read.

07/22/11: Invitation to venture into a world of Art, Comfort and Excitement (ACE) presented by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Mark your calendars today for an "ACE" experience and to witness an AMAZING journey you won’t soon forget! ~ W.G.L. Click here to read.

07/20/11: Just BE. Be attentive, stop, look, listen and learn, because you never know what situation, circumstance and/or predicament GOD has you in today that’s preparing you for your tomorrow. All training is not ‘formal training!’ “Divine Training is Gods Training!” Just be right where He needs you to BE! Blessings :_) ~ W.G.L.

07/19/11: Houston – One Woman National Business Conference® (One Woman®) offers opportunity for women in business to network, increase certification, development programming, specialized training's and procurement opportunities for start-up/emerging business owners (revenues to $2 million for one section and another for business owners with revenues $2 million to $100 million); Click here to read.

07/19/11: After seeing Mr. Rupert Murdock on CNBC I have regained considerable respect for his business acumen. None of us are perfect and at some point in our lives we all rely upon the trust, guidance and integrity of others. Be it “willful blindness” and/or otherwise it happens. Good performance Mr. Murdock.

07/19/11: Will G. Louden™ (™),™ along with™ rejoins the Commission Junction advertising network as a global publishing affiliate. Click here to read.

07/18/11: My sincerest apologies to Microsoft, Google, et. al. for not being able to attend the Ping Identity, Cloud Security and Integration conference. Please expect a reach out from me to your executive ranks with respect to meaningful ways we might be able to partner in the coming weeks. THANK YOU for the invitation! You guys ROCK! ~ W.G.L. Click here for more.

07/16/11: I just purchased for my new ‘business book,’ from Network Solutions. I noticed a neat little Facebook icon next to my™ URL. When I asked Network Solutions tech support what the FB icon was for I was told to call Mark Zuckerburg (FB founder) and ask him... LOL - really? Then I was told that they (Network Solutions) have a 'mutual business deal' with FB that will allow me to "advertise that specific URL on my personal FB page." That is the only URL where the FB icon mysteriously appeared (I own well over 30 domain names). Consider the "message received," Mr. Z. Expect a call from me to one of your assistants next week to talk business! Go Facebook! :_)

07/16/11: The “Keys to the Kingdom” and your destiny are found ‘beyond the clouds…’ You just can’t look up and see ‘em, sometimes you have to walk in unspeakable, unshakable, and unwavering – FAITH! Enjoy your day everyone (it’s a Gift)! Rocking :_)! ~ W.G.L.

07/15/11: Shout out to AT&T for fast & reliable DSL services. AT&T High Speed DSL (up to 3Mbps) $14.95/mo (12mo’s NO commitment). FREE wireless gateway modem ($100 value), Nationwide Wi-Fi for Internet on the go (20,000 Hotspots). Upgrade to 6Mbps for only $5 more/mo. Hurry offer ends: 07/16/11.

07/15/11: HELP!!! I am about to publish my 1st book (already written). I need a futuristic looking high-tech cover (full color computer/technology). Book will be published/made available worldwide. It is about business plans, strategy and general philosophy. The audience will vary but expected large (employees, suppliers, lenders, backers, ‘competitors’ – lol, affiliates, students/interns, etc. WORLDWIDE). Tentative compensation: you receive inside credit and I'll own the rights! Email: for details!

07/14/11: Cloud security and technology integration conference to be held in Keystone, Colorado – July 18-21, 2011. Several senior level speakers from: Microsoft, Google, Ping Identity,, Bechtel, HP, Gartner, and Gartner IT1 will present. Click here for more.

07/13/11: POWERFUL industry networking opportunities for those looking to crack into the major's; Check out: for a chance to network, meet and mingle with ‘decision makers’ of film, production and pitching! Use referral code: XF63UFYH when registering for a discount! click here to read.

07/12/11: Funny how FOX NEWS goes after everyone else around the world for apparent “wrong doing” and corruption, but when its a "sister NEWS Corporation," subsidiary caught up in the snare of alleged TOP TO BOTTOM "criminal behavior,” there is nothing but radio silence. Maybe I missed the coverage, but where do you stand on the issue Mr. Billy O??? You’re creditability is now in question. Please STAND UP!

What ever happened to “journalistic integrity” or any integrity for that matter?! We are really living in some exceptionally interesting times! And folk wonder why the children of the world are seemingly coming along without moral direction, cause, passion, etc.… Let’s all try and set better examples… I KNOW its hard, but its really NOT… People living today have it made unlike ever before… JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!

07/12/11: Arkansas Democratic Chairman Will Bond statement on Hudson Hallum special election WIN in District 54; click here to read.

07/11/11: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art slated to Open 11.11.11; Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, located in Bentonville Arkansas announces additional incentives for memberships. Click here to read.

07/11/11: ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) Annual Meeting Notice; Invitation to engage on a GLOBAL SCALE! NETWORK, learn and potentially execute GLOBAL affiliation agreements at one conference! Another potential, “must attend event!” Click here to read.

07/10/11: For a GREAT private, gated & exclusive vacation getaway experience, Summer Bay Resorts: 866-280-3120. Florida ROCKS! :_) Click here to read.

07/10/11: rocks as one of my “future ‘potential’ book publishers…” I like the ability to buy MP3 songs from and engage your ‘print on demand’ subsidiary, CreateSpace. I think that a potential visit with eBay in Florida is a good place to “gain some selling knowledge.” There is ‘enough pie’ at the table for everybody! Rocking! :_)

07/10/11: 29th Appreciation Service for Pastor William L. Robinson, Sunday, July 17th, 2011 @ 10:30 a.m. 811 Scipio A. Jones Drive – North Little Rock, Arkansas; News flash courtesy: Stand News, click here to read.

07/09/11: Leveraging: Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE) to Achieve a More Sustainable Tomorrow; A conceptual “new deal” Earth contract paper about 'climate change,' and my proposed solutions, By: Will G. Louden™, Founder:™, click here to read.

07/08/11: eBay rocks! Looks like they invited me to their party in Orlando. Thank you for the invitation eBay!!! Click here to read.

07/08/11: Directors & Boards EXCLUSIVE corporate governance conference in New York! My NEW favorite city!!!™ AND™! This event looks like "required attendance" for all of you budding current and future board members out there! Rock on!!! Click here to read.

07/03/11: Welcome to America Prince William and Duchess Kate!!! Rock out while you’re here, shoot OR watch some fireworks AND spend LOTS of money on AMERICAN made products and services!!! :_)!

07/03/11: Blessed people, Bless people! Rays of Abundance which are emitted by a ‘Bountiful Harvest’ are meant for the Souls of Desire fetched by the Hope of a Neighbor. Spreading the Wealth is but an interest payment on GODs ‘Capital Appreciation’ in your life! Giving back is an  integral part of living and a ‘Capital Contribution’ towards your next Crop (or Corp. – lol another Anagram :_). ~ W.G.L.

07/02/11: Attention fellow (US based) entrepreneurs, small business managers, consultants, etc. IF you have an existing business (with a reasonable balance sheet & revenues) and seeking to expand nationally and/or globally then send me an email: I can turn you onto “equity capital” from one of our perspective “go public capital advisors.”

07/01/11: WOW! You know times are hard when one of the nations largest ice cream manufactures shuts down in the MIDDLE of summer with record breaking heat. Hard to believe they did not find a buyer. The shelf space alone is worth a mint! BIG loss to Arkansas.

06/26/11: Shout out and support to Marc Cenedella (CEO/founder) who’ll be appearing on CNBC tomorrow morning (Mon. Jun. 27th) at 10:00a ET to announce the launch of a NEW product offering… IF you can, please check it out! Knock ‘em dead Marc! Thanks for the opportunity to BETA test your new system! ROCKS!

06/26/11: Craving frozen yogurt with some 100% whole wheat cornflakes mixed in (NO SUGARl!)… Too bad its after midnight or I’d give in and head to the store and have me some.. Humm guess there is always tomorrow! Don’t judge me lol, you only LIVE once! I am going to fight the cravings and head to bed… Good night fellow Earthlings! :_)

06/24/11: Today I got chewed out by Ebay customer service because I purchased a ‘used’ mp3 player (just like the old one that died a few weeks ago). He told me that I should be using an Ipod instead. lol Oh really now?! Well sorry Apple, sometimes I am slow to change. I guess Ebay and Apple are “partners?!” I hear you Mr. Steve J.!!! Rocking! :_)

06/21/11: Anagram: AND :_)

06/20/11: FREE Northwest Arkansas Business & Enterprise Development Conference - Click here to read.

06/20/11: Networking & Fund Raising Opportunity for Central Arkansas Walton College Alumni - Click here to read.

06/19/11: Shout out and a JOB WELL DONE to retiring United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Just completed watching your “exit interview” on FOX and not only am I impressed and moved by your leadership but I am also in support of and renewed by your comments on the need for more “bipartisan support” for all of the various ‘conflicts’ currently engaged by the US and its allies! You rock sir and I salute you!

06/14/11: Heads up and shout out to “” and your NEW developing product. Thanks for the exclusive ‘invite only opportunity’ to review the developing system and to give it a quick test drive. Today I did a quick scan through and found the site both user friendly as well as topnotch professional as I’d naturally expect from “TheLadders®.” Keep up the good work! I strongly recommend your variety of products and services to both $100K+ employers as well as $100K+ top global talent seeking to market their talents, skills and resources! GREAT JOB! And thanks again for thinking of me as one of your 500 new product beta testers! Hope to see you soon in NEW YORK!!! Rocking baby! :_) Click here to read.

06/12/11: Grieving: After more than 7 years of studious and rigors service, yesterday my sandisk mp3 player died. Attempts to install new batteries, prolonged activity with the on/off switch, and an attempted format were all unsuccessful. R.I.P. mp3, R.I.P. Here’s to years of service, thousands of miles ran and walked, hours in the gym, airports, etc. etc. etc. with you by my side! You will be missed! :_) Rocking!

06/11/11: International (Brazil) business networking and golf opportunity invitation to SERIOUS entrepreneurs on a global track – THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY slated to be taught by LPGA Pro Golfer Robin Aikens (she's also an AKA! :_) Click here to read.

06/11/11: Shout out & CONGRATULATIONS to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi for 100 Years of Service and for your upcoming Chicago Celebration! IF I were in the area I’d definitely come out and show some love and support! Its your night fellas, make it a special one and be sure and Rock Out! Click here to read.

06/10/11: Happy Birthday Bishop TD Jakes! I admire, appreciate and am in awe of your all inspiring sermons! You Rock and please by all means keep doing what you do!

06/08/11: Shout out to Ms. Sue Young Buffalo (my 8th grade English teacher at Pulaski Heights). Here’s to a successful retirement celebration tomorrow! As a publisher, author and technology/media entrepreneur I say thanks for helping to set the stage for a wonderful life journey!!! You Rock! Mad love and respect to you!!! W.G.L.

06/08/11: A very special shout out and a BIG thanks to the good folks over at “Pebble Beach Resorts,” for the very special invitation to stay, play and witness the First Tee Open! Not sure if I’ll be able to make it this time around, but I sincerely appreciate the invitation to visit your First Class and World Renown golf resort!!! THANK YOU!

06/07/11: Soap Box: Congressman “hotdog” NEEDS to consider stepping down. Whatever happened to being held to a “higher standard” when you hold the ‘public trust?!’ I am so annoyed by all of these examples being set. Ok now I’m off my ‘righteous horse.’

06/04/11: North Little Rock police representing on FOX Broadcasting, "America's Most Wanted!" Rock on NLR Law Enforcement!!! Thanks FOX! You Rock!!!

05/29/11: Shout Out to those in uniform who bravely serve and commit to making the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you! You Rock!  

05/27/11: I am sooo googoo over Gaga!!! lol You so absolutely ROCK Lady Gaga!!!

05/27/11: LOL Funny; I LOVE carrots and chocolate!!! :_) hehehehehehehehe

05/25/11: We love you Oprah!!!

05/24/11: Michael Jackson & Elvis came back today to tell Oprah, “Good Job!” Leave it to the Queen of TV to raise two Kings! lol; Ms. Winfrey is the SHIT!

05/23/11: Mile wide tornados; relentless hurricanes; ice storms blanketing almost every state in the union; earthquakes bringing entire economies to their knees; hundred year floods whipping out entire towns; apocalyptic ocean waves whipping entire countries off the map… etc. There just might be something to that December 21st 2012 prediction… Mother Earth is definitely on some sort of "cycle."




SHOUT OUT to my “International Friends & Contacts!” I have at least 25 to 30 countries represented on my personal Facebook friends list. If you reside in and/or are based from any country other than the United States, then please click here for a LIFETIME international business opportunity!!!

05/19/11: Check out my NEW Antecedents system. I have had a lot of fun down through the years and I can’t wait to begin the next leg of this exceptionally amazing, fulfilling and rewarding journey! GOD has been and remains GOOD to me! I am humbled and in awe of His Awesome Favor, Guidance and Grace!!! Thank you Father!!!

05/14/11: Governor Huckabee, enjoyed your show on Fox News! I support your decision! Rock on and GOD Bless! Go NEWS CORP! I supported you in the past and I still support you today! Please continue to make the good people of Arkansas proud!

05/08/11: Happy Mothers Day! Mom's!!!

05/01/11: Now the real work begins. People of the world (especially Americans), lovers and purveyors of peace, brothers and sisters in arms, its now time to “rebuild our community.” These folk will want to retaliate. We cant rely solely on law enforcement, we all have a responsibility to report and help stop questionable behavior! Our Peace is Ours!

04/30/11: Congratulations to New England Patriot, Ryan Mallett!

04/30/11: Is wondering who else may be on the new “gas and food diet,” besides me? You know the diet where the price of gas and food is so clucking high that from walking and buying/eating less food you are just bound to lose weight?! LOL rock on! Signed, “held hostage by our cousins in the middle east! :_)”

04/29/11: CONGRATULATIONS to King William in Waiting and the Beautiful Blessed Girl formally known as “Commoner Kate!”

04/27/11: Enjoying the fruits of the “Creator’s Labor!” Keep your head up and keep Rocking Out! :_)

04/19/11: Some folks just can't seem to take a ‘polite’ hint. Listen, if per chance ‘one of my lovely assistants’ accidentally deletes you from my life please don’t send another friend request, email, text, IM, etc. lol. ‘There IS no deal,’ and I am not the only fish in the sea and I cant stand the whole stalking thing! I am way too busy rocking out and loving living life! You should do the same! :_) Thank you GOD!

04/14/11: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readNorthwest Arkansas Living™ Group of Brands, For Sale By Owner; For More: (for release: Thursday, April 21st, 2011).

04/11/11: Click here to read: Dream Flights Plus Card Welcomes Isaiah Washington to the Dream Flights Family.

04/09/11: In my life, GOD is the Pilot who needs NO co-pilot; and I am but a passenger along for the wonderful and very amazing ride!!! Enjoying the journey!!! :_)

04/09/11: Its springtime/summertime! FUN TIMES!!! I'm in the mood for something good! Living is Heaven! My fingers are to the grindstone working just to have fun! I would not trade this life for ANYTHING! Thank you GOD! Rocking!

04/08/11: Budget deal reached! WELL DONE President OBAMA! OBAMA 2012!!!

04/07/11: Whoa! I just received an invitation to visit, stay and play at Pebble Beach; This invitation is in addition to three other Country Club invitations in as many years. I am very thankful AND embarrassed, because I don’t golf!  I can, but I don’t! I would love to visit one day however. I’ll add golf to the queue and bone up my game!

May be time to think of someone who can teach me a thing or two on how to NOT look bad on the golf course. lol. Thank GOD I think I know just the person to call first! HELP!!!

I really appreciate the invitation!!! Pebble Beach is now officially on my ‘must visit and experience’ list(s)! This may be challenging, but I’m on it! The life lessons this ‘country boy’ must master! Pebble Beach Rocks!!! The pictures on their web site alone makes me want to visit ASAP!!! Rocking!

04/01/11: Click here to check out the super fresh, stylish and clean, Calvin Klein Fall 2011 Presentation.

03/29/11: This is what I love about GOD; I just received worldwide exclusive rights to™; A domain name that clearly speaks for itself. The truth is I have always wanted to visit NYC during the world famous, “ball drop.” This is surreal for me in that I now hold worldwide exclusive rights to a domain name that’s very indicative of that lifelong dream. The cherry on top is I intend to finally be in NYC this year for the 2012 drop! GOD ROCKS! Thank you father!!!

I am so humbled, thankful and in awe of His Holy Grace, Favor and Unconditional Love for me, and for all of you “non” and “loop warm believers,” please forgive me for bragging on my GOD! I wished you could witness, see and feel for yourself what I feel. My GOD IS REAL! I will praise Him now and forever!!! Rocking!

I just love it when I can feel the presence of GOD! I receive chills all down my spine. “A Power infinitely GREATER than myself!"

03/26/11: Got one eye on computer screen, one on NATGEO, “Locked Up Abroad” marathon and third eye on Mike Anderson’s press conference coming on in a few minutes. ‘Multi-tasking’ while Rocking and Rolling!!! GO Hawgs!

03/25/11: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to™ Domestic Beta Nears Completion; Targets New York; Announces International Internship Program Plans (for release: Thursday, March 31st, 2011).

03/22/11: Yesterday thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Disney’s ABC I now have the personal email address for Mr. Mark Cuban!!! Oh yeah baby! Said he’s got a “few mil' to invest!” Well, Mr. Mark (hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Mark,’ I feel like I know you already!) be expecting an email message from me (Will G. Louden™) in the coming weeks!!! You Rock! Keep Rocking!!!!!!!

03/21/11: Today while sitting outside and eating in Hillcrest a small kid came up to me and said, “Hi Michael Jackson!” lol. Funny! I had my headphones on too. That made my day! Although I’d like to add that I’m Mike with a little Trump, a whole lot of Bill Gates, some Mike Tyson, a hint of Tiger Woods and a few dashes of Charlie Sheen mixed in too! lol! Rocking!

I don’t know WHY people think they can bother me when I’m out and about with my BIG A@@ headphones on! lol That’s the whole point, I’m attempting to drown out the whole wide world for a little bit and have me some “me time!” I am not in ‘constant entertainment mode!' :_) ROCKING and ROLLING! lol.

03/20/11: I am but a humble Human being, a descendant of the King, proud, fortunate and Blessed to be living His Dream!

03/19/11: Shout out to Netflix for putting me within 600 miles of an AAdvantage® award travel! There’s nothing like flying FREE baby; lol That’s where I want to be! Somebody must likes me! Because you know I likes to get out and go (I’m a “fly boy”)! Frequent flyer! “Play ground of the jet set!”

Humm and look at this, ‘an opportunity’ from our good ole friends over there at Avis, just raging to put me over the 600 remaining! I LOVE IT; I LOVE IT and I WANT SOME MORE OF IT!!! lol; ROCKING & ROLLING!!!!!!! And not slow strolling! I feels like its time to ‘jet out’ on a dime!!!! I am so very thankful!!! Thank you GOD!! – Rocking!

Angie Martinez - If I Could Go Feat Sacario & Lil' Mo
03/18/11: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readVGIS, Inc.;™ Launches Global BETA; Readies Global Communication & Enterprise Development (for release: Monday, March 21st, 2011).

03/13/11: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readVGIS, Inc.;™ Launches Internal Digital Filing System; Enhances Security; Shores Up Global Network Control (for release: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011).

03/11/11: Thinking about the people in Japan. I am up early watching MSNBC and reflecting on all of the apparent issues facing our planet; Thanking GOD for all of His Good Grace! Rocking while getting my day started! Have a great day and if you can please do something a little extra special to Bless someone or something today!

03/06/11: Psalm 93: V1 & V2; V3 - V5. Thank you for that Word Father GOD. I really needed that! Rocking!

03/03/11: Exosphere Announces the Removal of "STOP SIGN" by OTC Markets. Mar. 2, 2011 (Marketwire) -- GRANITE FALLS, NC -- Exosphere Aircraft Co, Inc. dba BCS, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EXSA), today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the company to share Limited Information to its current and future shareholders through the OTC Disclosure and News Service. Click here to read.

02/26/11: TheraBiogen, Inc. Inks Deal with Miami Heat and Walgreens. NEW YORK, Feb 24, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TheraBiogen, Inc. (OTC BB: TRAB) announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the Miami Heat and South Florida Walgreens. Click here to read.

02/23/11: There’s a party in Miami and Everybody’s Invited!!! Visit: NOW to get your tickets to see Gin Blossoms & Sugar Ray in concert, March 12th, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m. Oh man do I want to go!!! Have fun Magic City!!!

Party in Miami Visit: or Click Here!

02/21/11: I am Blessed, Highly Favored and Humbled (head hung low, chest stuck out with heart blaring) by all of the birthday well wishes and BELSSINGS that I received. You make me a BETTER person with your love, support and kindness! Thank You! and GOD BLESS YOU!

02/09/11: Snow on tha ground and I can’t get around. This stuff’s got ya boi on total lock down. Can’t go on a walk or a long run, right now it's looking like “indoor fun” (without the sun)! Dreaming of a day where I can go out and play and then come in and wipe the sweat away. ROCKING!

02/05/11: United States Senator, Mark Pryor (Arkansas) on Angel Investing. Thanks Senator Pryor!!! - Click here or on the link to watch :

01/30/11: I had a GREAT 10 to 15 mile run/walk/hike yesterday. It was so peaceful, warm and relaxing; These are the things that make life grand. 70-degree day and the health, strength and clear mind to think good and positive thoughts. Rocking on strong! Up early meditating, cleaning and “preparing to receive the Word!” GOD is Good! :_) Rocking! THANK YOU GOD!!!

01/30/11: Live, dwell and spread chaos, die in chaos. Live, dwell and spread love, peace and harmony, die in love, peace and harmony. Thank you GOD for your almighty word this morning, I RECEIVE it! I am focusing on living in love, peace and harmony while rebuking drama!

01/10/11: Thinking about those families in Arizona; and that 9-year old little girl. Hoping and praying that people really begin to set a much different tone towards “conflict resolution.” Senseless violence really seems “primitive” (in my humble opinion). Aren’t we suppose to be a much more “advanced society” now a days?!

It really is okay to be different. Its even okay to be rejected. Its okay if you don’t like my hair, etc. GOD made us all different. But it sure would be nice if folks would seek out, reach out and exploit the common ground between us a little more. We have much more in common as a species than our differences, Bless someone with kindness today!

01/07/11: WOW; How Good is our GOD?! I am about to ink two major publishing deals. I have three on my desk so far for review, but only think I'll execute two, none are exclusive. I tend to not do anything "exclusive." I love my options! Plus, I get to retain all copyrights and buy “my own books” (publishing more than one) wholesale and resell them on one or more of my Internet systems too ( – baby, lol)! I am so Blessed and not stressed and thankful!!!

01/06/11: R.I.P. Don. LOVE that “Tyson Chicken!” Well DONE! Mr. Don; Well Done.

01/04/11: Statewide Media/Press Release: click here to read – The 2011 Inaugural Entertainment Unveiled;

01/03/11: Personal property taxes on the ride (and what is assessment anyway, just send me a bill that I can read, understand and pay please); Personal property on the real estate and I don’t even have any kids; Franchise taxes on the businesses; Income taxes, etc. etc. etc. Got to love all of these “silent partners;” good grief, am starting to feel like a republican.. lol just kidding; Rocking in 2011!!!

01/01/11: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Checking out OWN (The New Oprah Winfrey Network) on Comcast 77 in Little Rock! hummmm let's see what's up! Rocking already in 2011! Hey we might have to go back and do over some of 2010!  Yall just RUSHED through that year! :_)! lol

12/28/10: Lost my phone last night; annoyed but will get over it! Life goes on! :_) Not sure how I am going to coordinate New Years festivities now... LOL; R O C K I N G!

12/24/10: YAY! IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! I can't wait to chill with the family, eat cake (and food) and relax! GOD IS GOOD; LIFE is GREAT! Thanking my lucky stars for this wonderful fate! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everybody! Remember to count your Blessings! ROCKING & ROLLING! :_)

12/22/10: Shout out to our friends over there at Dillard’s for the 300+ new jobs coming to the Central Arkansas area (Maumelle)! Go Dillard’s! baby!

12/21/10: Statewide Media/Press Release: click here to readThe 2011 Arkansas Governor's Inauguration: A Capital Celebration Unveiled;

On Monday, Jan. 10 and Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011, the 2011 Arkansas Governor’s Inauguration will be held in Little Rock to honor Governor and Mrs. Mike Beebe and their service to the state of Arkansas. Attached, please find the press release and full schedule listing of events. For more information, visit, email or call (501) 975-7230.

The 2011 Arkansas Governor's Inauguration: A Capital Celebration Unveiled; Media/Press Release: 12/21/10

12/20/10: It was the 5th day before Christmas and all through the house the anticipation and feeling abounds in this little mouse. The day of good food, family and fun has little Will wanting a quick city run… No calorie counting allowed when the 25th has begun, all things presented with good cheer for the New Year, family, food and fun! LOL ROCKING!

12/19/10: Network Fault Detection & Mitigation; Global Network Traffic Routing; Resource Control & Load Balancing infrastructure plans are  COMPLETE! DONE and I’m tired, sleepy but enjoying Comedy Central! Rocking yet slow strolling! Later peeps! (lol I am such a GEEK)! GOD is my Master!

12/18/10: Chilling, watching TV & working on the FINAL modifications to the overall network infrastructure plan! FUN STUFF! I am just about cross-eyed though looking at all of these interrelated systems, servers and databases! But when we’re done, baby it's going to be one BAD ASS suite of systems! FIVE more to go and then I’m done for the day! GOD is GOOD! Rocking & Rolling! 3-hrs until AMW on FOX! GO News Corp.!!!

12/15/10: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readVGIS, Inc.; Set to Publish its Business Plans to™; Announces Million Dollar All Stock Gift; Postpones Press Conference.

12/14/10: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to read – SFK-Success for Kids & MyLife MyPower Host “Breaking the Bullying Cycle"  Red Carpet Cocktail Reception; Event Emceed by Recording Artist Marla Maples.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 14, 2010 – On Tuesday, November 30th SFK-Success For Kids, Inc. and MyLife MyPower, Inc. presented "Breaking the Bullying Cycle” at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. More than 300 guests gathered to take an active stand in providing a solution to the critical issue of violence and bullying faced by children in Los Angeles.

12/10/10: Just completed 45 push ups (3 sets of 15) and 50 sit ups. Going to do at least 30 more push ups before the night is done and I turn it in. Working on knocking the ‘edge off’ and getting even more chiseled. I am in shape and feeling GREAT! My mind is clear and focused on the monumental journey ahead! Rocking and Rolling ~ ~ ~ !

12/09/10: Working, chilling and exercising. Focusing on my abs and ‘upper body strength’ with push ups! Getting it DONE! So relaxed, focused and most certainly Blessed! Thank GOD! Watching more of Oprah on ABC’s Nightline. She is one GREAT human being! “GO O!” GO! Here’s to your coming ‘OWN’ Network!

12/03/10: lol GOD is GOOD!

12/01/10: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readVGIS, Inc.; Schedules First Ever News/Press Conference; Highlights Share Registration Plans; Launches™.

11/25/10: Good food, good company and good fun! I just completed 50 sit ups and 30 push ups (more to come)! Dressing, cake(s) and pies are great, but I'll be taping soon and I am not interested in looking pudgy. LOL! Rocking this very Blessed life! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now watching the evening news (ABC News/Disney) and getting ready to watch Beyonce’s evening concert, “I am ..,” on ABC later on this evening as well! Hey, “say my name, say my name…” GO B!

11/25/10: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

11/23/10: Just finished the™ “new site plan”  for the developing™ 50-City National Launch Tour. The new perspective ‘flash systems developer' is off the chain! Talented! Mr. S. R., ‘good looking out!’ There's a BIG bonus at years end for the recommendation! I am very thankful! :_) Haters be warned; GOD is GOOD! Rocking! :_) lol

11/21/10: Just in from an estimated 15 mile run, walk and hike through Little Rock. I went from Kroger on Kavanaugh to Murry Park and "The BIG Dam Bridge over to the North Little Rock side and then all the way back. Took me about 4.5 hrs and I am beat but feeling good! Going to sleep well tonight! lol Rockin! :_)

11/15/10: Worldwide Media/Press Release: click here to readVGIS, Inc.; Shores Up Production Unit, Enters Preproduction on City of Little Rock Profile Show(s); Prepares to Register Shares.

11/08/10: GO FedEx!!!!!!! Fred Smith we love you! Thanks for everything! lol :_)

11/02/10: Earn up to 3,000 American Airlines bonus miles at participating AVIS locations. Also, save up to 35% on rentals. Use coupon # MUAA022 and AWD # K817165 to receive this great offer! Rocking! Enjoy this election day midterms!

10/31/10: Happy Halloween!

10/27/10: (Hollywood Area) Red Carpet VIP; YOU’RE invited to the biggest Halloween party in the country!!! Please join BAMMA USA, special VIP guests and sponsors for an evening you won’t soon forget! For more information & to party like a rock star visit:

I am going to REALLY hate to miss this! You know that I really like a good party!!! LOL, I need a JET!!! :_) Have fun Hollywood!!! Catch me next year baby!!!

10/23/10: Auditioning for an eternal role in the ultimate motion picture, Heaven! Focused on the now, the positive, the glory, and my story. Trying to enjoy God’s earthly Kingdom before the production ends! Acting every scene with God as my friend. Rocking & Rolling!!!

10/18/10: Recovering from a long, fun and relaxing weekend. I am still in awe by the first rate hospitality shown yesterday at the beautiful Little Rock, Arkansas home of retired United States General Wesley Clark; a true American Hero! Here’s to a successful campaign bid for US Congressional Candidate, Joyce Elliott, I am pulling for you Senator Elliott! Arkansas Senator, Joyce Elliott for United States Congress!

10/16/10:45 minutes until Americas Most Wanted! FOX Broadcasting Rocks!!! Minus the foolish accusations from “Mr. Billy O” from the last few days, weeks and months about an entire group attacking us, please clean it up and focus Mr. Billy O, I am a fan! Fanatical people attacked us not an entire religion! – My 2 cents. GO NEWS CORP!!!

10/12/10: I think I need to give up texting! I swear those names and numbers are to close together!!! I just accidentally sent a “personal text” to a high level “business contact…” lol Come next meeting/conference call, I just might be in trouble LOL heehee… I am SO SORRY that message was not meant for you! lol Better yet, the assistant did it, it wasn’t me!

Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliott - Son Of A Gun

10/11/10: Today on Oprah, Mark Ferman (of OJ Simpson fame) said that he wished that he wasn't famous, and that he could have his, “blue collar” life back;” that’s cool, may want to reconsider international TV appearances and major book deals, if you really desire to fade into the sunset.

10/11/10: Wait a minute really?! Hookup from American (by way of NetFlix 2,500) places me within 500 miles of an award travel; and hookup from Avis  provides several FREE rentals (anywhere in the country?!) REALLY!!! lol Oh yeah its on! Time to, “pick a city,” LOL! American Airlines, NetFlix and Avis all ROCK!!! Fly, drive and watch movies FREE! I say again, Madd Swagg!!! Glory be to GOD!~!~!~

Oh and when I head to Florida I stay FREE (V.I.P.) too?! lol WOW, blown away! I am so glad and thankful to be me!!! LOL! heehee :_)

Here's a tune for you! ENJOY your day!!! - Angie Martinez - If I Could Go Feat Sacario & Lil' Mo

10/09/10: Chilling, chatting, doing push ups and watching television, life's good!!! ROCKING!

Prince - Thieves In The Temple

10/06/10: Celebrating this unique day as a gift wrapped and tied with the Creators ribbons of love, peace and joy. Focusing on opening my day with care, peace and grace for the gift received is one of the most precious bestowed among men. Thank you GOD for the "gift of today!"

Yolanda Adams - The Battle Is Not Yours

09/30/10: The Jackson Southernaires - Walk Around Heaven

09/30/10: Dipping down deep into the dawn of man, reaching in to see all that I can, trying hard to imagine and understand what this predestined fate has at hand. Awakening from a long and deep sleep, while walking slowly into the deep and participating heavily as water rises above my feet. Crowning the glory of the tasks at hand, appreciating the unconditional love received from the Creator of man...

09/30/10: I am about to have me a cold drink of water while continuing to think and contemplate; I am enjoying the opportunity to spend a little time imaging all that was, all that can, and all that will be. I am so thankful to be saved and FREE, who better suited to live this life than me! Trying hard to only say, do and think those things which are pleasing to my Creator. The fleshly cross however, is a hard one to bare. Cooking with grease, rocking in peace while slaying the beast! - Will G. Louden

09/28/10: Today a 19-year old said "no sir" to me when I asked him a question, lol I immediately told him to stop saying "sir" to me that I was not old enough to be sir yet (I am 35). Then I turned to a 46-year old in the room and said, "ain't that right 'sir.'" He laughed and said he wasn't old enough to be sir either... LOL Thanks GOD, I really needed that! GOD does have a sense of humor... ROCKiNG!

09/28/10: I am in Little Rock really enjoying the cooler weather!!! Feeling very blessed, fortunate and thankful to a very Graceful, Loving and Merciful Creator for without him I would be even more of a mess! Keep it originally you! You only live once! Rocking!

Dottie Peoples - He's an on time God    |   Tyler Perry - Father Can You Hear Me   |   Jehovah Jireh - What's Done In The Dark

09/23/10: Another beautiful day, another chance to say, thank you GOD for the sunshine my way. Another chance to start a new, another opportunity to renew, time to embrace the savory taste, flavor, and aroma of life, every morsel is just as sweet. Time to enjoy the journey, before its too late, everything GOD creates is wonderfully GREAT! GOD is Good! Rocking!

09/21/10: There’s nothing like a good nights rest! Rejuvenated!!! Wide awake, feeling GREAT and ready to make wake in the ocean of life!!! Let me see what I can get done today solely and purely for the praise, enjoyment and glorification of GOD! Rocking’!

09/18/10: Ezekiel Ch 43 V 10 to 12; Ezekiel Ch 43 V 13 to 17; Ezekiel Ch 43 V 18 to 27; Be Blessed, Rocking!

09/14/10: Shout out and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to SoundChild Crew on all of your success!!! You deserve it! HARD work and perseverance pays off! Proud of you fellas!!! Go ahead and bask in the glory that GOD has shed on you!!! Keep it Rocking! Not a hater just a big fan and congratulator!!! lol... Rocking!

Keep enjoying life and pressing towards the light!!! “One Life!”

09/11/10: Sitting in peace and watching the 9/11 marathon on the History channel, crying a bit, feeling proud a bit (to be American), and praising GOD a LOT for those things that we are yet to understand however continue to endure! We shall never forget!!! Rockin’!

09/10/10: I am watching the cancer multi network broadcast. This is a nice gesture for this dreadful human condition; however, wouldn’t it be nice if the same amount of hype, air time, money, research and resources, etc. were devoted to the value of eating healthy and exercising, from birth to grave; Why not raise money for physical activity, health and sex education while attempting to lower prices at health food stores! Those are my two cents.

To me the "war on cancer" just seems like BIG business, which means that they’ll NEVER solve the problem.

Why can’t we raise money to build more community gyms, mega health food stores, and general exercise facilities??? Geez… maybe one day, just maybe! Rocking’! Did cancer even exist 100 years ago? What a play on the people!

09/09/10: I am chilling off the beaten path for the night. It's beginning to feel like the "pre holiday" party season. I have a strong craving for ice-cream and cookies, but don't really want to mess up the strides made with fitness and diet. I may give in and live a little. 'Rocking on a Thursday that feels like a Friday!

09/09/10: Enjoyed seeing former United States President, William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Clinton (GO BILL!); Arkansas Senator, Tracy Steele; and former United States Secretary of Transportation, Rodney Slater, at the agriculture chair event for United States Senator, Blanche Lincoln. This places an end to yet another very long 14-hour (+) day! The life of the self-employed, ENJOYED?! I guess so! Rocking!

09/03/10: Life is NOT all about making money and/or pursuing other worldly material stuff, in fact might I counter you this, that you do not need money at all! Cash is a "man made" means of exchange. We should all look for and appreciate that all of our needs are being met. God has already provided us with exactly everything that we need to achieve and succeed in this life. All of that other stuff is irrelevant, i.e. not needed for life. Try living for GOD and soon you will see that all of those other things, issues, circumstances, and situations, etc. DO NOT MATTER!!! If a BIG earthquake came and destroyed man tomorrow, would all of our personal pet projects matter? NO! What really matters most in life (from my perspective) is how we live this life, treat one another and praise GOD! Those are my two cents. Don’t allow the lack of money (or the lack of whatever), or the abundance of money (or the abundance of whatever) to steal your joy, peace and happiness while on this planet, that in my humble opinion would be a colossal mistake!

09/03/10: I am so sick and tired of listening to folk who have it made, whine! Listen up, if you are fed, sleep in a warm bed, are remotely well read, and you are not dead, then you my friend, yes you, have it made! Period. All of that other stuff that you are concerned with is most likely (more than likely) “self manufactured, and irrelevant!” Try getting a grip and rocking on throughout life! This period in the journey is much to short to spend whining and complaining!

09/03/10: It’s all about balance and perspective. We are what we believe, we are what we perceive, and most importantly we are what we receive; if you are not receiving it, consider looking inward for peace, guidance and direction. GOD IS GREAT! Rocketing to the TOP!

08/30/10: I know that sometimes words just are not enough, if (and/or when) you are in the midst of 'going through,' try and remember that you are not alone and that someone who cares along with words can go a long way. Here's to your burdens lightening sooner rather than later, life is much to short to struggle enduringly!

Keep it all in perspective; Don't allow your situation(s) to get you down. Someone somewhere is depending on your smile and attitude to brighten their day; I am pulling for you, and I hope that you get better soon! :_) GOD LOVES US ALL! 'Rocking!

08/28/10: Northwest Arkansas Rocks! Enjoyed: the “Pig Trail,” I540, campus, Pinnacle Hills Dillard’s, Fayetteville's Chilly’s, & other amenities since my last visit. Was blown away by real progress! Future “hogs” will experience the area unlike any other! (lol and we truly had some awesome GOOD times)! – Will G. Louden™ (“Mr. Northwest Arkansas Living™!”), “Loyal” Walton College Alumni!

08/21/10: Cabbage, jiffy bread, chicken wings, sweet potatoes (made with a touch of butter, lemon flavoring, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar), bottled water… PLUS Cinamax piped through a 6 speaker Dolby Digital Surround Sound, low energy ac, no light in den (cell phone off) = Examples of God’s Good Graces, Blessings and Easy Living!!! ‘Rockin! Without a single care in the Whole Wide World!

And not to mention the 7 – 10 mile prelude early am run through the city!!! I still go it, and GOD still has me!!! Rocking, loving and enjoying every morsel of life!!!

08/20/10: Up late, burning that most precious commodity called time, thinking and contemplating while praising the Holy upon High! Rock on and make it a superstar and ‘rockin weekend!

08/16/10: Living life without limits, soaring like an eagle and Rocking to the tunes of God’s musical glory. Have a GREAT, wonderful and productive week everyone! Don’t let your trials, circumstances and/or situations take a hold of your opportunity to create more joy, peace and serenity in your life and/or the lives of others!

08/15/10: Saddened by what I see happening to our Chicago-land youth. God, when will we figure out that there is NO SUCH THING as “personal success!” If the only success story that you’ll ever claim authorship to is your own, then might I add that will be a very boring, self centered and sad read.

Reach out sometime, give a little every now and again, and while you’re at it, make a conscience effort and create several inner city friends. Hopefully, ONE day man will wake up and discover that we are all ONE race, on ONE planet all serving ONE God! We will all rise and fall together, as ONE!

I am thankful, grateful and eternally humbled by the leadership and guidance of my parents, family, friends, mentors, community leaders, clergy, armed forces, peace officers, etc. etc. etc. All of those who worked tirelessly to intervene in my life (and others), take an interest, demand change and provide a way whereby the life that I now lead is filled with joy, peace, happiness, safety, security and opportunity. Thank You!

I did not get here alone and neither did you! I know that we can’t save everybody, but it just seems a bit more fitting that we attempt to save a few more in this journey that we call life!

Oh ok now, back to planning the mansion purchase, foreign car acquisition, global excursion and the all out private ‘invitation only’ family and friends buffet.

In the still of the night, try and find time to ask yourself what’s really important. If you ever want to know how Good God is, and has been to you, or how good you have it, or how Blessed you really are (despite your whining, worrying, and complaining to the contrary), try and focus on someone else’s circumstances, journey and situation, it just might make you a better person. Rockin with and on purpose!!! – Will.

08/13/10: Good morning all! A BIG shout out to you, this Friday the 13th! Make it a GREAT day and a rocking weekend! If things are ‘great and smooth sailing,’ remember who blessed you; If things are ‘dark and gloomy,’ remember the source of all inspiration and rejuvenation; Life is relative, balance the highs and lows with perspective … ‘Rockin! – Will!

08/10/10: Not charged by any earthly energy. Not motivated by any perceived mortal strength and/or weakness. Held constant and steady by the almighty Creator’s bonds of light, guidance and grace. The Source of rejuvenation for my “batteries” comes from GOD! Worrying is pointless, all problems, issues and/or concerns are placed with the “Source of all Energy, Power and Light!” So while you worry, I focus on Glory!

08/08/10: Was craving cookies, milk and ice cream last night, so I had me some! I don’t really like ice cream all that much! It’s the little things in life that matter most to me! Oh, and there’s nothing like waiting in line at Kroger for some lady to write a check, sign it and tear it out! So, there’s also nothing like a lesson in patience from the Creator! Rock on all you “check writers!!!”

08/01/10: Over a barrel and in the hood, God knew and blessed me before things were Good….. And now you chase because of His grace; Thank GOD I behave and not laugh in your face!!! You smile and front as though we’re friends, well little did you know it’s about to end! Welcome to August 2010, my friend! :_)

07/31/10: Really?! Did the city of LA really go through the trouble of contacting my rental car company to send me a parking ticket from like two years ago??? REALLY? lol Seriously?! That I don’t even remotely remember receiving?! Geez lol was the party really that good?! HeeHee :-) I hear ya LA.. One day I may come back to stay! GOD ROCKS all ‘road rules fools!’

07/24/10: Humbled by the Awesomeness of GOD; the Sole Solution, if you've got a problem, remember Who's always the Answer to solve 'em. Rock on and be Strong!

07/15/10: Living in the moment, every second of the day; not missing an instant to plow my own way. Pushing the limits of human extremes, while encouraging others to live the dream! Praising GOD for his bountiful blessings, watching my Creator’s moves and lessons!!! – by: Will G. Louden™ (™). lol :-)

Life at 40,000 feet is absolutely, Oh. So. Sweet! “Millions didn’t make it, but I am one of the ones who did!”

07/10/10: Ecclesiastes: (C 5 V 1 – 5); (C 7 V 19); (C 8 V 2 – 7); (C 9 V 7 & 8); (C 9 V 11); (C 9 V 13 – 16); (C 10 V 3 – 10). There’s nothing like “a good book” on an early Saturday morning and late Friday night! ROCK ON!

07/03/10: Today I weighed in at 188 lbs! Oh yeah its all the way on! I love a challenge, although this isn't really that much of a challenge. I am now with in 15 lb. of my 2-years ago Hollywood goal weight of 175 lbs! Soon it will be time for my next promotional photo shoot!!! Rock, Rock, Rocking and Jock, Jock, Jocking!!! Loving, Living, Life!

07/03/10: Special shout out to all of my ‘international friends!!!’ I am not sure how you found me, but you rock and make my world a little smaller with your friendship and acknowledgment! If I am ever in your neck of the woods or you in mine, let’s connect and break bread!!! I propose that we have much more in common than any gripe driving us apart! Let's try and enjoy GOD’s GLOBAL community! Rock on!

07/03/10: I am a bona fide, certified HEARTBREAKER!!! I don’t mean to be though; I am sorry, but I’m in love with my Creator, my career and my family (in that order)! All else is a work in progress, I am not perfect, albeit living one hell-of-a-life!!! I thank GOD for his favor!!!

07/01/10: Slow stroll while you rock and roll and feed your soul!

07/01/10: Small things in life: There’s nothing like being a sophomore (2nd year freshman) and watching your college win the NCAA basketball championship! It was larger than life then, but today, just one more memory of how rich life is! I am focusing on enjoying the journey as it is! God is Great!!!

06/27/10: The road less traveled is not crowded albeit open and scenic. There are not any pit stops. The relentless pursuit of the journey dictates that a soul be capable of handling it. Here you excel, accelerate and soar like an Eagle. Infinite paths are offered by the universe, and yet it seems as though I have chosen the one less traveled. Praise God!

06/12/10: If its really true that the body detoxifies itself as you sweat, then I should be clean as a whistle! Lol! GOD didn’t make us inside of an “air conditioned room” (that’s man’s doing). Sweat a little sometimes!

06/12/10: In the middle of challenges, adversity and disaster, life happens! Try and remember what really matters, keep your head up, focus on the universe, enjoy the ride, and then “don’t sweat the small stuff~!” Rock on! And ride like there’s no tomorrow!!!

05/21/10: Thanking GOD for the king because I’m living the dream!!! Rock on and be blessed in the Lord and know that your loved!!!

05/19/10: While inside the death throws and tunnel of defeat, muscle up and be strong, retool and retreat; When you come back strong showing the enemy their wrong, and that you can’t be beat, remember who made you, who’ll one day you’ll meet. Rock on!

05/19/10: Listen up: I love myself, I love my life and I love my GOD! and I make NO apologies for any of it! If my positive outlook on life disturbs your twisted spirit in any way and manifests itself into what “you” judge as EGO, then please know that is more of a reflection on your own self doubt than anything to do with me!

I know that GOD’s favor in my life works to show you the weaknesses and flaws in your life, but I challenge you to take that up with him and not me! lol I am but solider in his army! Rock on!

Great Reading: Psalm: 34 v 1 to 14 & Psalm: 91 (entire book) & Genesis: 37 (entire book).

05/19/10: Home Pride: Arkansas born, Arkansas fed, when I eat, its Arkansas bread and when I bleed, its Razorback red; when I cry it’s from an Arkansas educated head; and when I sleep, its in an Arkansas bed; growing up I was Arkansas led, and when I die, I’ll be Arkansas dead! Rock on! Home grown and strong!!!

05/19/10: Just in from a 9 mile late evening run; GOD nothing like it! Cool brisk evening air, blowing slowly through my low cut hair, while jamming to my favorite tunes, oh yeah soon it will be June! So in shape and feeling great! Letting my feet not miss a moment on the street! Milking life for everything it has to offer! Getting mine (and some of yours too…lol), because now its time, I thought you knew!!!

05/18/10: Runoff? Upset? Now the REAL work begins! In the eyes of defeat, focus on the triangle: “living to fight another day!” See no death in defeat until all fighting is over; in the 'eye' of your storm, Rock and Roll on!

05/17/10: Thank GOD for Grace and Favor!!! When you have God’s Grace that’s all you need! Grace has provided me with perspective, wisdom and guidance, everything else has become clearer, cleaner and most important relative! Know what really matters. Rocking and Rolling while Living!!!

05/13/10: Living a life of favor and covering and loving it! Standing in peace; Fortunate for his good graces and for bringing me through! The valley is deep, yet the taste of his grace is oh so sweet!!! Why not try him and find out for yourself? Trust me, nothing else on earth matters or even comes close! Thank you GOD the Father! Rock on!

05/10/10: Will extend compassion and love so long as you don’t appear with ignorance and hate (and all will be great); You set the tone and I’ll come along! Rock on and make it a superstar Monday!

05/08/10: You brought me into this world with so much love from above; You trained and taught me to be the man I am today; and now I want to take this time to say, Thank You and Happy Mothers Day!!! – MOM!!!

05/06/10: Biggest one day point loss EVER? REALLY?! Market dropped by a thousand points in fifteen minutes, and then rebounded by seven-hundred points to end the day down by only three-hundred points. Greece melting down?! Oil in the gulf… Interesting times! Say your prayers!!!

05/04/10: You are the sole author of your existence, if you don’t like the script, “change it!” Fire and/or delete hater coauthors and work to rearrange the cast of characters so that the story ends well. Don’t waste precious time going through the motions of a nightmare novel! Follow your passions and focus on polishing the master peace! After all your story isn’t complete until you transition (i.e. die). Living every moment as though it were my last!!!

05/01/10: Moving by way of the Holy Spirit. So blessed and fortunate to be in this life… Thankful to an almighty and merciful creator for “small favors,” for without his good graces, I’d be one tuff life! Know when you got it made and pass it on! Rock on!

04/28/10: My first and most important “title” is Child of GOD, “entitled” to HIS Kingdom! All of that other stuff at the end of the day is really irrelevant! Rock on!

04/26/10: Shout out to all “good guys.” Military, law enforcement, firemen, paramedics, hospital, clergy etc. etc. etc… You make life safe, fit and sound for everyone, and its not everyday that you hear thanks! THANK GOD we live in a place where there are folk ready, willing and able to do the thankless, not for self but for neighbor. Rock on!

04/26/10: “Easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Rich Man: Bathing in excess while never lending a helping hand; Healthy and strong yet unavailable to assist the weak and struggling. A look down upon the less fortunate without so much as breathing in that direction. All Blessings come from God!

Having stewardship over a TON of money and earthly possessions DOES NOT MAKE YOU RICH! You can be carnally poor as all get out and yet still be morally deficient!

04/26/10: Living for the day where when I wake up in the morning the only problem I’ll have is “finding the remote…” LOL! Have a GREAT week!

04/25/10: IF you are strong, display it proudly for its GOD’s covering over your life that is the source of your strength. The enemy fears the strong. Never compromise your GOD given mission for any weak, negative and/or nefarious energies! Have faith and courage to keep on fighting the good fight for an almighty Creator! Rock on and Be Strong!

04/23/10: Would rather be chilling over at some secluded French Villa, sipping on an umbrella drink while being entertained under a midnight sky w/o a care in the world… lol… Yet here I sit stateside with a very blessed life and a mountain sized bucket of responsibility! Rock on and enjoy life no matter where you are!

04/22/10: Fear is a DREAM killer. Quash your FEAR and build a brighter future today!!!

04/21/10: Has had a LOT of help from a LOT of people down through the years. You all are all amazing! Thanks a BILLION!!! Without you my road would have most definitely been tougher. Its like my late friend and mentor Dr. Nudie E. Williams used to tell me, “Success has many fathers, yet failure is an offering.” How right he was! Mentor someone today!

04/20/10: Will’s All F’s and 10-Steps to achieving a Fabulous Lifestyle:

(1) Faith: Believe in something greater than yourself. GOD, Allah, Buddha, (whatever) etc. etc. etc. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Just know that the Sun doesn’t just rise and fall without a little (LOT) help from a higher power.

(2) Fitness: Until the body fails us for whatever reason, try and work to keep the temple in good working order at all times, after all it is the initial GOD given tool we received upon entering this realm of the universal journey. That includes trying to eat right (more often than not)!!!

(3) Fashion: Yeah ok, I’ll admit it, you may often times find me busted (lol) while out and about in my down time, but I strive to always be clean at official events. Period and point blank! When officially representing, I REPRESENT! PERIOD! lol…

(4) Friends: It is tuff out there. My personal rule is to have at least 2 to 3 close friends at all times (anymore than 3 and the relationships can become hard to manage and devalued). So IF you are in that circle, and my ‘close friends’ know who they are, we are all blessed and fortunate to know, share and witness each others walks in life. I appreciate you!

(5) Family: No matter how crazy or dysfunctional your family is, try and visit at least once a year and at least know your roots (even if you don’t visit). God put us in families for a reason, and no matter how perfect any family appears, there are always issues. All families have issues, but its how we deal with adversity that best describes our nature as individuals.

(6) Foundation: Always know where you’ll draw the line. Case in point, have limits. Period, and be uncompromising in that mantra. Don’t be a hard ass, be flexible when warranted yet firm at all times against your foundation.

(7) Fairness: I know its hard sometimes with all the hate from haters, but don’t do dirt. The dust may come back on you and get your fresh look soiled, and that simply can’t happen!

(8) Fellowship: Socialize with spiritual teachers; On here, at church, at the job, at home, in the street, mall, airport, you get the picture.

(9) Feelings: Don’t hide your feelings. EVER (if you can get away with it). If someone or something is challenging the very essence of you then try and discuss the matter right then, don’t wait (but if you need time, try and make it as little a wait as possible). Once done discussing FORGIVE, sooner than later!

(10) and FINALLY Finances: This one is almost self evident; Find your hustle and stick to it. Whatever it is, do it, and do it well, and to the best of your abilities (my personal rule is to not to do anything half ass). As my father used to tell us as kids, “money makes the world go ‘round…” and we certainly don’t want to stop the world from spinning in our quest to achieve and maintain a fabulous lifestyle! Keep it moving folks!

Rock on!!! Until the next time, from me to you, here’s to a continued FABULOUS LIFE!!!

™ Trademark & © Copyright April 2010. Will G. Louden™ – LBR Trust (™). All Rights Reserved.

04/18/10: Life on Earth is a dress rehearsal for the life hereafter. Working to prepare for the next leg of an amazing journey, filled with light, love, laughter, life and latitude, soaring to new heights and highs with favorable support from an almighty creator!

04/18/10: Responsibility does not start and stop with self; albeit It’s the ability to see beyond ones own circumstances and place ‘self’ within  the collective of a much greater whole. The universe does not revolve around the earth. LOL. When is the last time you went to battle for someone or cause in the lesser; Challenged a clear wrong that had absolutely nothing to do with you; and/or Reached out to someone/something in dire need? Broaden your horizons beyond your ‘personal’ borders!

04/18/10: Nature’s Wrath: Earthquakes, rain storms (floods), diminishing polar caps, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, mudslides, sink holes, etc. etc. etc. Mother-nature is flexing her mighty grip upon mankind. Know what’s really important in life. Cherish all that GOD gives today, for the foretold inevitable is only moments away! – Live a better today, TODAY!

04/12/10: Struggle: Don’t give up. Endure and keep your head up. Face adversity head on with strength, courage, and the covering from GOD. Relax and know that despite whatever it is you’re going through, you’re not alone. Trouble did not come to last and it is never as bad as it may seem nor as bad as it could be. Adversity is the precise time to show exactly what you’re made of! Don’t let your circumstances define who you are!

Focus on pulling up and pulling out with the help of an almighty creator, while declaring victory and defining your ‘future’ success!

04/10/10: Life Lottery: A relationship with an almighty creator coupled with unconditional love and support from family, friends & community. Health, Wealth & Happiness. The knowledge, will & power to forgive. Freedom and the ability, will and desire to explore, create and find your own way, while sharing with others. Count your blessings before you count your money!

04/06/10: Keeping life in perspective. Enjoying every moment that I can. Stuff happens, but for me the journey is all about maximizing joy, peace and love, all else is irrelevant at the end of the day; now “Watch My Dust!”

4/03/10: Negativeness, hate, ignorance, anger and the like, are but poisons, corrupting the soul and GOD’s plan for your life and those around you. Sterilize your journey with a healthy dose of peace and joy by rejoicing and giving praise to the light that binds us all! Rocking and Rolling!

4/03/10: Awake and rejuvenated on this Easter Eve. Feeling refreshed, peaceful and proud to just “be” in the moment. Thinking of others in the struggle while imagining all of the good in planet and man. Keeping an eye out for my next blessing and the chance to bless others. I mean, isn’t that what its all about?! Be blessed and make it a GREAT ONE!!!

3/30/10: The balance of life is so precious, so perishing, yet the ultimate gift. Thankful that I am healthier, wealthier and wiser; GOD is GREAT! Rocking and Rolling! Time to work for daylight shines and the remaining time is remote. Time to learn and experience all that is possible before going home. Won’t you join me? Sidestep the sicknesses of negativity and crossover to peace and love! – Will.

3/26/10: Up from my mid day nap, and now its almost time for me to go back to sleep. Lonnng day.. Got my “AB Contour” today too. Its on! 6-pack summer here I come, its all good for the glory of a mighty, merciful and miracle working GOD!

3/23/10: When darkness, dark energy and/or evil darkens your doorstep, stomp on it, and move on up to the light! GOD IS GOOD! Rockin and Rolling! Lol the “REAL Will!”

3/13/10: Watched MSNBC today, a show about all the international flights bound for the USA during September 11th that were diverted to a small town in Canada called Gander. Real touching to see how a tiny town handled our fellow citizens, on a moments notice and without fuss... Here’s to the good in the human race and here’s to our neighbors to the north! Here, Here!!!

No matter what your circumstances, if you are in this country you GOT IT MADE! We all struggle at some point but must I remind you however to ROCK ON and focus on counting your blessings!!!

3/09/10: Thanking GOD for a strong biological family unit; a loving mother and father who are still together, sister and brother who are still married and for having NEVER experienced a divorce on any side of my inner family GOD has truly been good to us! This is the definition of a STRONG FAMILY UNIT! Be blessed everyone!

3/04/10: Time is a very precious commodity, don’t waste it. Once it’s gone it can’t be replaced. We age, we love, we progress, we create and destroy, but we can not replace yesterday. Live today, EVERYDAY for tomorrow may forever be away! Enjoy your life now!

If it’s a lawsuit, settle it; If it’s a bad date end it quickly and move on; If it’s a bad dream wake up; If it’s a flat tire fix it; If it’s fat, lose it! Why waste precious existence waiting on the “perfect moment,” that moment doesn’t exist! Love, live and let be now and worry later. Lol in fact, might I offer you this, do it all now, and save all your worrying for the day you die! Praise GOD & cheat the devil!!! Reach for and live in the light!

3/01/10: Basking in the lights of peace, joy and knowledge while appreciating the small things GOD provides; if that’s all he does in the course of life,  ITS ENOUGH… Rock out fam and make it a “Superstar Monday!!!”

2/24/10: Oh yeah I have my fitness drill in full swing! Just did 60 sit ups, will do 21 crunches soon and then 3 sets of 21 pushups! Its time to crank it up! My spring fitness challenge and photo shoot is on and in full swing! Keep it rocking soldiers!!!

2/19/10: Wealth is: Health, for without health nothing else really matters. Wealth is: Love from family and friends, for life without love is not worth living. Wealth is: Knowledge, for ignorance is the path to damnation. So during your quest for Wealth in this life remember these few simple principles for what life is really all about. Be Blessed Everyone!!!

2/18/10: To all of the well wishers, angels in GOD’s Army, family, friends and business associates who all blessed me with your kind words, thoughts and encouragement on the 18th day of February, 2010, I want to say THANK YOU!!! I sincerely appreciate you, your kind words and gestures! Your thoughts and blessings over my life are "well received," appreciated and highly favored!

Your words are rays of light, brightening my life, lifting my spirit and illuminating GOD’s path to glory, and I just want to say THANK YOU for blessing me on my special day! Will G. Louden™ (™).
2/18/10: Praise and honor to a mighty, merciful, graceful, loving and peaceful GOD for allowing me to see 35-years on this his magnificent planet!!! Living never felt so GREAT! 35 = 7 times grace; Here's a song for you

2/13/10: Rocking in the lap of paradise; Appreciating the power of the creator, his good graces and blessings. I have NO complaints. Happy Valentines Day!

2/10/10: Relentlessly pursuing quality, perfection and excellence!!!

2/05/10: Princely place proper punctuation to a long and trying day and/or a tantalizing evening, marking a new dawning with a cold, chilled, i.e. frozen glass of fine red wine! It’s good for the heart, its good for the mind and its good for the spirit!  Life is most certainly good! Life is what you make it! Trim the negative from your journey and plan your next world wind experience today!

2/05/10: Preparing for high tide means getting ready for when the tide comes in! Be ready to float away. Be ready to sail away on a new journey. Don’t burn daylight but cherish each and every moment to create a new existence, a new you and a new circumstance and/or situation! Trouble did not come to last! Peace peeps…

2/04/10: Bouncing around from side to side, while doing the electric slide (in my mind), letting GOD be the guide! Understanding what life is all about! Keep it positive folks, be patient. Endure through your struggle, gather steady strength from those who support you. Pray and forgive those who don’t. Then, Rock and Roll some more!

2/02/10: Squarely on the path to Spring 2010 fitness success! Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey, some beef/pork, etc. Now its time to kick it up a notch with more work/life balance. Career palate overflows, but “handling it” one bite at a time! Rocking out of hindrance & Rolling into glory!!!

2/02/10: Basking in the light of glory set forth by a King whose rays are timeless. Working on me, admiring the covering on you, while praying, wishing and hoping for others! BIG “I” got you in my prayers! Keep your head up!!!

2/01/10: “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done with Heart and Love” – Whitney Houston (BET Honors 02.01.10 broadcast).

1/29/10: Twenty-nine days into twenty-ten, walking a path that's blessed with family and friends, keeping the peace as I win, can’t wait another day to witness success again! Thanking GOD this year is finally in!!! Rocking and Rolling in glory, right now my friends! Keep your head up and you can win!!!

1/27/10: Today I ran about 15 miles and loved it! Maintaining, making progress, and rocking AND rolling! GOD IS GOOD!!! Keep it moving folks, because I am not in the business of holding up progress!

1/25/10: At peace standing in the den of serenity; Enjoying life, salvation, peace, destiny and resolution! ROCKING AND ROLLING!

1/23/10: Enjoyed a great day; yesterday was also a great day, and expecting another great day tomorrow, because GOD is GREAT and its just another great day in paradise!!!!!!! _:).

1/20/10: Spring 2010 fitness is on track! 4th week NO cookies; Still running (at least 30 miles a week – did 15 miles today); Push ups and sit ups in the evening before bed. Training IS IN full force and effect! Rocking all the way out!

1/19/10: Attention Women Entrepreneurs in and/or around the Houston, Texas area (driving distance from LR, Dallas, NW Arkansas, etc. etc. etc.). American Express is hosting a FREE (to its card members) women in business conference next month in Houston, Texas a US, $1,200 value; See if this opportunity makes sense or tell others that you may know in Houston (

1/19/10: Love is the universal language of the Soul. Peace is its delivery system; and Knowledge is the light that binds it all together. Spend time comprehending the ties and links that bind us all!

              Whatever your flavor, just IMAGINE (and have a GREAT day! lol)!
              Timeless classic:

1/18/10: Recovering from my, “Runners High;” A natural high the body experiences after a prolonged period of physical activity! Now I am slightly craving ice cream, and I don’t even like ice cream (LOL)! The catfish dinner however was GREAT! Rocking and Rolling!

1/17/10: End of another GREAT day and I’m cruising on in! Rocking and slow strolling! Come-hither Monday!

1/16/10: Up on Saturday morning watching movies and I have a sinus headache (lol hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold wreaks havoc on my body). But I am a trooper and I’ll survive. I can’t wait to play with my new cell phone some more. I feel like a kid at Christmas time heehee :_)!

Samsung Intrepid™ Available at and/or your neighborhood Sprint store! Get yours today!

A sampling of the features that I like are: camcorder, 3.x meg pix digital cam, stereo mp3 player, 6 hrs talk battery life, MS Windows for interfacing directly with PC, and its ability to play TV too! Oh not to mention the easy touch screen, full computer keyboard and global rating making the phone useable in over 30 countries around the world!

1/15/10: Is a lover not a fighter! GOD fearing lawd willing! Enjoying life!

1/14/10: Send “Haiti” text to 90999 and a charge of US $10 will go to the RED CROSS for Haitian relief. The White House: .

1/14/10: Thinking and praying for those in Haiti, and headed to a warm, peaceful and resourceful bed. Times like these make one realize why we are really on this planet. Humbly counting my blessings and movements in peace.

1/13/10: It's times like these that make one proud to be an American. Yes we may occasionally argue, fuss and fight; however, when faced with times of great challenge, adversity & struggle the American Resolve is unlike any other. Hat’s off to my fellow American brethren assisting in the Haitian struggle!!!

So what I really want to know is where are those “cave haters” now? They claim to dislike our country and our ways and means of living but we see how life would be if they were allowed to advance their nefarious agendas. Leave the caves now and help our Haitian earthly brethren you fanatics!!!

01/12/10: Inspired by the Light of day. Resting by the dank of night. Traps and snares are evaded like the illusiveness of night through Light when your Knight is the King of kings illuminating the Way to the Truth and the Light. No challenge is to great for the creator!

One of my favorite songs: .

01/09/10: Up @ 4:21 a.m. meditating with the master, sitting at his knee in amazement of his work, grace and path to the glory over my life. Let go and let God have his way!

01/09/10: Not just a figurehead; Exuding an undeniable swagger of substance and style in everything that I do! Sign your life’s work with the pens of excellence, perseverance, style, grace and honor!

01/07/10: Laughter is medicine for the soul, and my soul just got a healthy dose! lol… Laugh more than you cry in this life!

01/06/10: Perfection is to be continuously sought out during life. Nothing living on this planet will actually ever achieve it. The object of life itself is to seek it and then to understand and realize that it’s an unattainable goal for the human condition. Once one realizes this then one is equipped to turn not to our own devices and strength where we fall short but to an all powerful and universal spirit who can do anything!!!

Striving to be “God Like” is AND will always be an ‘imitation of the original,’ God like, will NEVER ever actually be the original. To seek out perfection during life is to seek out GOD because God is perfection, the one and only true source of all knowledge.

01/06/10:Every important journey in life begins and ends at home.” – U.S. Senator, Christopher Dodd. Don’t forget to pit stop by home before embarking onto GOD’s great purpose for your life!

01/06/10: Today was the start of my official spring training. It’s been weeks (if not months) since pushups OR sit ups… Did a few and can already feel it a little. I am facing my 2010 fitness challenge, 35th birth date, nationwide™ launch, Spring (April/May) 'new me' photo shoot as well as all of the other great things that GOD has in store! I am: fired up and ready to rock and roll!

01/03/10: Standing in, seeking out, and constantly in search of light, for all light is good. Light is the source of our "true selves.” It is what illuminates our collective paths. Without light this place we call home would be a 'cold,' 'dark,' and 'bleak' element. Light is GOOD! Seek out, search out, and emit light in everything that you do for the moment we cease emitting light we transition! “I am” all in twenty-ten!

01/01/10: Resolved to: Increase the peace. Pursue Health, Wealth, Fitness and Happiness in 2010. Despite circumstances to the contrary; These are absolutely GREAT and exciting times to be living a middle aged existence! Thank you GOD for yet another GREAT YEAR! 2010 IS IN. Not going to stop ‘till I reach the top! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!

12/24/09: If all you can ever do with your words is tear down, consider saving them. Sometimes people need a “pick me up.” Encouragement, enlightenment, & entertainment, etc. If its something they are doing wrong and yet searching why not assist with a little bit of knowledge, guidance and inspiration instead of condemnation… Demolition of a soul is much easier than construction! Build someone today!

12/24/09: Standing back and letting GOD ahead with a plow and tiller… Watching my master prepare the road ahead for a bountiful harvest… Reaping the fruits of earnest obedience!

12/23/09: One must appreciate and acknowledge GOD's small blessings over their lives before they'll have a true love and appreciation for the massive blessings on the way! – BREAK THROUGH! – “Celebrating success one step at a time!”

12/21/09: Your life will be a blessing onto others and you will reap the same blessings that you bestow onto others!!! Live your purposeful and pure existence.

12/16/09: Wishing you joy, unspeakable joy during this holiday season, wishing you laughter, fun and safe travels, happy memories, and breakthroughs! Keep your head up! Pulling, praying and wishing for you! Your sun will rise soon! If you can, brighten somebody's day today!

12/16/09: Acknowledging the tuff times upon us… Millions of job losses, failure of health, stress, war and famine… Trouble did not come to last! During your darkest hour remember that you are NEVER alone! We are all in this together! As humans, Press on! Breakthrough is on the way!

12/15/09: Humility is the order of the day, its what allows us the ability to forgive our neighbors, family and friends. When you have flaws, its better to let them all hang out than to loosely cover up who you really are and who GOD made and intended for you to be. None of us are perfect. So why spend your life hiding the real you?! “Do you, 'the real you’!” Working on 'the real me...' Can't you see?! lol...

12/14/09: Imagine sailing through life without any trials or tribulations... What a bland existence! Roadblocks and pit stops add a little flavor. Dig your  way out of your next pitfall and smile as you thank GOD that you've achieved success! After all, success is a journey of completed, i.e. mastered trials, tribulations and tasks; Success is NOT a destination!

12/14/09: Staring the devil down, dead in his eye, looking at him hard, and calling him a LIE! lol… Rocking and Rolling! It’s a 21 mile day!

12/11/09: Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction; But no matter how harsh or grand enlightenment may appear when it darkens your doorstep, embrace it for knowing will always set you FREE! Ignorance is the stuff fools are made of.

12/10/09: Looking to the spirits from the EAST; Embracing destiny, planning to cross the river Jordan to plant the Double Headed Eagle flag for the family! Rocking and Rolling!

12/07/09: Guided by principles. Motivated by the holy spirit. Descendant of great, obedient, wise and wealthy ancestors. Failure has simply never been an option! Rocking and Rolling!

12/06/09: Enjoying the “fruits of heavy labor!” Sitting still in a moment of thanks and GREAT gratitude for those who came before me, those walking with me and those who’ll come after… PRAISE GOD – The holy Master and the Lord and the Holy Trinity!

12/05/09: In a beauty pageant its not all about the swimsuit category, albeit evening wear, talent as well as intelligence (being able to think on your feet)… In your life how many categories do you dominate?! Remember: beauty fades, ignorance is everlasting! DOMINATING ALL CATEGORIES!

12/02/09: Marriages of convenience ARE convenient! Remember that mortgaged, rented, bought and sold love has an expiration date. Why not focus on the eternal and everlasting and not the ‘quick fix hit;’ Faithfulness is Eternal (thou shalt not caveat)…

11/28/09: Your life’s work should be a carefully orchestrated masterpiece when complete … What kind of picture are you painting? Is it developing with a steady hand towards GOD with a careful selection of colors assembled with passion, love, desire and finesse OR are you just throwing everything at the canvas and whatever sticks that’s what you go with? Try and paint a picture that generations to come will admire long after you are gone…

11/27/09: Fitness tip from an old trainer… When working out heavily don’t forget to replenish vital vitamins and minerals … Water is essential (LOTS); My favorite vegetables are carrots, celery, lettuce, cucumbers, apples, bell pepper, onion, and broccoli – very important; and don’t forget protein... Eggs (whites) are a GREAT source of protein… fiber, high protein for muscle building and repair and water… also remember whole grains!

11/27/09: Natural selection is a universal divine order principle, Its ok to quit, so long as you don’t mind being a “footnote” instead of a “headline” to history… Winners write history, Losers are seldom IF ever celebrated OR remembered! GOD IS NOT a loser! But that dark energy below the surface is! Which one are you emulating? Focus on winning!

11/27/09: While shaking and baking in the spice of life, don’t forget to add a lil GOD 2 the mix... That's the "special sauce" to a tasty solution!…

11/27/09: Discernment is difference between knowing what race to start and which ones to simply ignore. Focus on discernment and not which races to quit. Quitting is never the answer in my opinion... Try and make better choices on which races are worth running and then run them 'till the very end... When you fall OR stumble trust and have faith that GOD will pick you up and see you through... Rely not on your own strength, knowledge and/or abilities!

11/20/09: No one has the market corned on knowledge. We each bring to this place a unique set of blocks necessary for next generation expansion before departing. Don’t sit on your blocks, but work to add them to the collective whole so that others might receive. “Grow the pile!” – W.G.L.

11/19/09: Flying like an eagle, as a descendent of the kingdom whose father owns cattle on a THOUSAND HILLS should... In a fun-n-festive mood, ROCKING & ROLLIN!

11/15/09: Let go, release, and let GOD have his way! There are NO LIMITATIONS when you are partners with the creator and doing his work. “Remove you” from the equation and LET GOD do what he does… “Man’s limitations are not the constraints of an all seeing, all knowing and all loving GOD!”

11/14/09: My "all natural" secret health dish: 1 fresh green bell pepper (chopped), 5 carets thinly sliced, 5 celery stocks sliced, 1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes, 4 to 6 boiled egg whites – sliced (NO YOKES), 4 tbl spoons Kraft ‘light’ miracle whip, 3 tbl spoons Kraft sandwich spread… Don’t cook anything… Eat ALL natural! Healthy, nutritious and tasty 2 me! (add a boiled chicken breast OR a can of tuna for some extra zest)...

11/13/09: Studying, long sleepless nights, exams and pop quizzes resulting in the subsequent acquisition of knowledge, gets you on your way to a college degree; cheating, doing drugs, interrogations and surveillance resulting in the subsequent disposition of foolishness upon society gets you on your way to an incarceration degree. Which degree will you decree a conference upon the community…

11/13/09:  “There is something to be said about the TRIANGLE OF KNOWLEDGE, the progression and development of society, and the advancement of man.” Will G. Louden™. Spending my time borrowing from, modifying, and contributing to man’s knowledge base.

11/12/09: Try and not HATE on anyone's hustle... However it is that you do what you do I SUPPORT you… So long as you are not hurting me OR anyone else… If you are living off the estate of family OR friends not gonna HATE you; IF GOD has extreme favor on you and your life, NOT gonna hate you, and IF you want to be a total and complete BOMB OR even if you are a HATER… I ain’t got nothing but luv for you! Lol… I say get IT however you can so long as its legal!