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Published: Wed., Aug. 31st, 2005

"VGIS and The Profile of A Living Guide; Will G. Louden™ Founder, President and CEO"

Questions By: Carol E. Rachal, Copy Editor

Will G. Louden™™


Who is Will G. Louden?

I am the 30-year old founder, president & CEO of VGIS DOT NET, Inc. (formally Virtual GraphX, Inc.). I am a spring 2005 graduate of the University of Arkansas, Walton College of Business, with a double major in Financial Management & Investments and Marketing Management (it feels great to be alumni). I am also a native of Little Rock. I have lived here in Northwest Arkansas for about 12 years. I moved here in 1993, straight out of high school – Parkview Arts & Science Magnet. I love the area, its growth, opportunities and its people!

How did Will G. Louden, an ordinary guy from Little Rock, become what he is today?

Through hard work and perseverance. My strength comes from both within as well as from a higher power.  Life and business in general can be extremely tough at times and sometimes it’s those special friends, mentors or family members that help get you through. I stay connected to a tight circle of mentors and friends that help me see and understand varying perspectives. I don’t think that we were placed on this earth to be alone or even to try to accomplish anything individually… I think that it’s the interconnectedness that gets us through – collectively. Then there is my strong desire to do well. I have always wanted more out of life. I mean we are only here (on earth) for a very small period of time, so I am always thinking how can I make the best of it, understanding that one small fact has really helped me to shape my thought process.

What is VGIS DOT NET, Inc.?

VGIS DOT NET, Inc. is primarily a media company. It is both a publishing company as well as a cutting edge technology firm. We connect buyers and sellers through our virtual and print marketplaces.

VGIS DOT NET, Inc. or VGIS for short is the managing parent company for the Northwest Arkansas Living Guide as well as several new and developing publications including an upcoming business professional/commercial leasing magazine entitled, Northwest Arkansas Synergy ( VGIS also manages several developed Internet properties including:,,,, and (among a few others). The firm also serves as the tax reporting hub for several other developing regional and national systems (

VGIS is a closely held Arkansas firm with a small number of stockholders, employees, suppliers and contractors. We try to operate as efficiently as possible so that the value created can be passed on to all affiliated stakeholders.

What kind of upbringing did you have?

I would characterize my upbringing as mostly traditional in that I was raised in a typical middle class, inner city African American family where I grew up knowing my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., and where both parents worked. We traveled together, took long-road trips, (laughs… which is why I like to fly to my destinations now), visited cool family places like Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, The Kennedy Presidential Library & Birth Place, in Boston, Massachusetts, The Alamo in Austin, Texas, Beal Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and The famous Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri. I mean it was...