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This article also partially published in Northwest Arkansas Living Magazine Apartments Edition


Volume 1, Number 2

Published: July 2006

A Critical Path to Greatness;
How H. Lee Scott, Jr.
Climbed to the Top of Wal*Mart®

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Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

              As time passes, some win, and more importantly, some lose. The sun rises and falls, as babies are born and others pass on. The seasons change as disaster remains a sporadic constant component in the life equation. This article, however, is but a spoke in the wheel of life and man’s phenomenal successes and triumphs. It highlights and profiles the extraordinary leader within one organization headquartered here in Northwest Arkansas; it is an organization that operates in every state of the union,
H. Lee Scott, Jr. CEO, Wal*Mart

H. Lee Scott, Jr., CEO Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

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and more than 12 countries around the globe… and who knows maybe one day they may even have a store on the moon.

              No, but really, words are not adequate to describe the magnitude of its global reach and influence on the everyday fabric of life itself, virtually all life. This piece is the second in a series devoted specifically to an exceptional human specimen and the unimaginable organization to which he is entrusted to lead. Make no mistake about it, this individual possesses the pedigree necessary to head the largest entity ever known to man, and to literally affect change and history in almost every aspect of our lives


              Wal*Mart Stores (NYSE: WMT) has become an unequivocal modern day – modern marvel with no equal. The organization which is sternly led by H. Lee Scott, Jr., is more than anything our founding fathers could have ever imagined, and probably to date has morphed into an enviable entity than even founder Sam Walton himself could have envisioned. The sheer size, influence, opportunity, scope, capacity, success, etc., embodied by the “World’s Largest Retailer,” the ...