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This article also partially published in Northwest Arkansas Living Magazine Apartments Edition


Volume 1, Number 2

Published: July 2006

Dr. Maya Angelou Connects with Alltel;

Hosts Reception, Spreads Wisdom,

Funds Future

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              Hanging high over the timeless waters of the Arkansas River is a modern day monument and testament to hope, culminating a body of work for one of our greatest leaders. Despite a few personal pitfalls, William Jefferson Clinton is arguably one of the greatest leaders of our time, and his presidential center located in Little Rock, Arkansas, was the absolute perfect venue for the Dr. Maya Angelou and Alltel Words of Wisdom Scholarship reception.

Clinton Presidential Center

              When I passed though the stainless steel doors and the exceptionally clean floors of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center for the first time back in

Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou, World Renown Author

Picture © 2006, VGIS, Inc. & Will G. Louden

Clinton Presidential Center

William Jefferson Clinton, Presidential Center

Picture © 2006, VGIS, Inc. & Will G. Louden

March of this year, it was as though I was crossing a bridge into history. I had no idea what to expect. My entry into modern day history to witness the kind deeds of scholarship presented by one of Arkansas’ finest corporate citizens, and one of the greatest “contemporary literary writers” of all time was simply breathtaking. Greatness was abounding.

              I might add that this was my second and more pleasing visit to the Center. I was fortunate to be among a very select group of people invited to witness the official dedication of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center when it opened a year or so ago, but as I keenly remember thinking while standing in the ...