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This article was originally partially published in Northwest Arkansas Living Magazine Apartments Edition


Volume 1, Number I

Published: April 2006

Interacting with a Giant; My Experience

Interviewing: H. Lee Scott, Jr., CEO,

Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

Will G. Louden™™


              Thursday, March 16, 2006 – It’s 5 a.m. and I am wide awake, it’s the day of my big break. It’s a special day unlike any other day that I have ever experienced in my professional career at this point. It is a day that makes up for all of the challenging years of sleepless nights, fretting over lost clients, late advertising arrivals, slight mishaps at printers and suppliers, and all the other cadre of events and snafus that I am bombarded by daily in the wonderful world of business (and I often wonder if I am in business or politics – but that’s another article). Yes, this was a day that I will never forget, for it was the day that  I landed my biggest interview… ever! The best is yet to come.

              Mr. H. Lee Scott, Jr., is running what some in the world consider the largest company on planet earth. He is in fact, with the help and support of a

Will G. Louden™ and H. Lee Scott, President of Wal*Mart

Interacting with a Giant

Picture © 2006, Will G. Louden

strong and capable team of well tuned executives, operating a corporation unlike any other known to man, a corporation that employs well over “1.7 million” people worldwide (the world’s largest private employer – second only to the United States Government), and operates more than 5,000 stores all across the globe. He is arguably one of the most powerful men in corporate America, and I was about to step into his world for a brief moment and live out a portion of my life long dreams.

              This article is unlike any other that I have ever written. It is a prelude to a series of articles which I will be authoring and publishing in my Northwest Arkansas Living™ series of magazines and online at™. I will also be publishing portions of the interview in a new statewide magazine entitled Bout It!™ and online at™. In my own words, analysis and research, I will positively profile Mr. Scott and outline some of the wonderful things happening at the “World’s Largest Retailer.” So stay tuned and be on the lookout for my dynamic series of exposes in our above ...