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High profile article originally published in the Northwest Arkansas Living Guide/Magazine


Volume VI, Number I

Published: May 2005

A high profile article about Dean Doyle Z. Williams, & the Walton College

Salute to U of A Walton College Dean, Doyle Z. Williams;

The Dawn of a New Era, Dean Williams: This is Your Life

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& Graduating Senior, at the time article was written and published.
Sam M. Walton College of Business @ the University Arkansas, Fayetteville

               There is something to be said about the triangle of knowledge, the progression and development of society, and the advancement of man. This piece highlights: The road to deanship and what makes the man, and the challenges, accomplishments and prominence of the man for Doyle Zane Williams, Ph.D., Dean of the flagship business school for the state of Arkansas.

               Little did the world know that on Dec.18, 1939, in a small town in Louisiana (Natchitoches Parish), a visionary and great leader would be born. The knowledge, perseverance and spirit of a unique and unwavering leader had descended upon this great planet. The husband and father of two, son Zane (B.A. Economics,  Rice University; M.S. and Ph.D. Finance, University of California, Berkley), and daughter Elizabeth (A.A. Northwest Arkansas Community College), says that, “ The support of my wife, Maynette Derr Williams (B.S. and M.S. Texas Tech University; Ph.D., Ohio State University), has been critical to any success I have enjoyed in my professional career.”

The Road To Deanship and What Makes The Man

               In an article, entitled “Fire, flood, ‘49 Ford shaped Williams’ life,” by Bill Bowden, published Feb. 4, 2002, in the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, Dean Williams describes in vivid detail the early conditions of his childhood and what some would consider an extreme exercise in adversity. Dean Williams tells how the family home burned to the ground Christmas night in 1943, and having to move into “an abandoned sharecropper’s house on the bayou.” The article also notes how Dean Williams was able to pick his weight in cotton in the 9th grade, “Ninety-nine pounds of cotton in a single day.” He also recounts his first experience with a shower after entering Northwestern State University in 1957. This is not exactly ...