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Volume 2, Number 1

Published: March 2007

Honor & Grace:
Saluting Arkansas Icons;
2007 Arkansas Business Hall of Fame

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Arkansas Business Hall of Fame

              Elegance, style, grace, and honor are four words which I hereby summon to describe the atmosphere and ambiance on the evening of Friday, February 9th, 2007. The evening played host to an important milestone in the lives of five very special Arkansans and their contributions to our society. Business titans, courageous entrepreneurs, as well as government brass and university officials alike, all descended into party and favor if only for a brief moment on that very special evening to acknowledge and bestow lasting FAME upon the legacy, hard work, crowning achievements and the NAMES of five very prominent and notable Arkansans. Seven-hundred special guests were on hand to witness and celebrate the induction of the business leaders into the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame 2007 Induction Ceremony. The swanky high society monumental affair was a "black tie 'optional'" social gathering which was held at the spacious statehouse convention center located in the capital city of Little Rock.

Arkansas Statehouse Convention Center Foyer

Arkansas Statehouse Convention Center Foyer

Picture © 2007, VGIS, Inc. & Will G. Louden

U of A Chancellor: John White & Mary Lib White (Wife)

Mary Lib White (Wife) & U of A Chancellor: John White

Picture © 2007, VGIS, Inc. & Will G. Louden

              The event which is hosted annually by the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business (my alma mater) began in 1999 with the induction of four very prominent Arkansas pioneers (William Dillard, Sr., Charles Murphy, Jr., Jackson Stephens, and the late GREAT: Sam M. Walton - in a class of his own). This year marks the ninth class of honorees to graduate into this prestigious group of movers and shakers who have brought significant economic impact, respect and FAME to the great state of Arkansas. As I have  noted in so many of my previous tributes and articles of some of our society's most interesting notables, "the truest measure of a life well led is if one reaches the pinnacle of success in ones chosen field during their lifetime," and oh did this years inductees really meet that criteria. Below are some interesting highlights from the ceremony, including a few socialites who were good to grace us with their
presence, food fit for royalty, a complete list of prior inductees, this years selection committee, the nominating process, a few "Arkansas Anchors" who all chipped in to insure event success, as well as the names and biographical sketches of this years inductees.

Notables in Attendance

              For a brief moment, I had to stop and check my surroundings, because I wanted to be absolutely certain that I was in the right place. Upon stepping into the main entry way and running into Mary Ann Greenwood of Greenwood and Associates, which is a very well ...