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Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe; Moral Imperative: Excellence; By: Will G. Louden™


Summer 2007 Edition

Published: September 27th, 2007

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe;

Moral Imperative: Excellence

Published: September 27th, 2007

Will G. Louden™™


              White marble floors and venerable oak-wood walls encapsulate the conference space off of the main offices for our Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe. He is one of fifty nationwide, a man who wields vast amounts of power and influence. He is a man who appeared to me to be in total control and yes, well healed. And now, the people of the great state of Arkansas have a great leader at the helm.

              The quest for leading and guiding the people began centuries ago, from the starts of our first organized civilizations, man quested for leadership, and somewhere it is written that the “cream always rises to the top.” Mike Beebe is the cream of the political roundtable for the state of Arkansas. He is truly an inspired and top notch Chief Executive. As our statewide leader Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe is steering our state to a very successful future.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe; Moral Imperative: Excellence

Will G. Louden & Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

Picture Courtesy Arkansas Governors Office.

              This article is a follow up and subsequent report to an exclusive statewide broadcast featuring our governor Mike Beebe. The interview was taped in April of this year and broadcast statewide on three Arkansas based major networked television affiliates. It allowed me to report to you on the experience of interviewing a sitting governor, and to tell his story of rising to stardom. I also reported to you some of the finer points of his plans for reform and change.
Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

Picture Courtesy Arkansas Governors Office.

              During the interview we covered a lot of ground to say the least. Throughout this piece, however, I offer some of the highlights from the televised portion of the interview. I will also share with you some of my personal insights from interviewing a highly successful, powerful, and motivated statewide leader (with worldly leader qualities). This article only covers portions of the interview that made it to the airways, there were tons more which unfortunately had to be left on the cutting room floor. Please enjoy.

Interviewing a Governor

              Never has it felt so good being in the passenger’s seat than right now. If you’re like me, you don’t mind an occasional easy ride. But this is not about driving
a car, albeit about driving change throughout the state of Arkansas from the top down no less. Recently, this past April, I was granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with an active governor for the first time in an exclusive statewide televised interview.

              Returning to my earlier metaphor there is just something about Governor Mike Beebe that puts the mind at ease knowing that the right person is at the wheel driving our great state to a better and more prosperous future. Since our interview was...