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Interviewing a Media Giant: Ed Wilson, President of the Fox Television Network; By: Will G. Louden™


Summer 2007 Edition

Published: September 27th, 2007

Interviewing a Media Giant: Ed Wilson,

President of the Fox Television Network

Published: September 27th, 2007

Will G. Louden™™


              American Idol. Period. Need I say more? News Corporation (NYSE: NWS) and its Fox Broadcasting division are in one word powerful, and in one phrase, “The Most Powerful Name in News” (which is one of the slogans for the multi media behemoth).

              For decades, American television broadcasting power has been monopolized by what are often referred to by the media as the big-three television networks. But with well over one-hundred-fifty network television affiliates spanning the country, I think that it’s time to amend that old statement and revise it to say the big four television networks. Fox Television Network is now making its presence known in this very global age of technology and information. In an age where content and delivery systems are paramount, Fox is present in almost every sector and format.

Interviewing a Media Giant: Ed Wilson, President of the Fox Television Network.

Ed Wilson, President of the Fox Television Network

Picture Courtesy FOX Broadcasting

              News Corporation is an absolute media, entertainment, and political juggernaut. This article however is focused on my experiences meeting and interviewing the Arkansas born and current leader of the Fox Television Network, which is an operation of the Fox Broadcasting Group, a division of News Corporation.

 American Idol; American Hit Television Show #1!

American Idol; American Hit Television Show #1!
Picture Courtesy FOX Broadcasting
              Mr. Ed Wilson, native of Risen, Arkansas, appeared an easy going, easy-to-engage television-media executive. My interview with him that took place back in June of this year in the beautiful and sunny city of Studio City, California (Los Angeles area) was also just as informative, entertaining, and, well yes, powerful. I just got the sense that Mr. Wilson did not have to say much of anything twice to make things happen, well that was the way it was with me and my team scheduling the interview with him.

              You see as an Arkansas based television and radio producer, there was not much that I would not do if Mr. Wilson or his assistant were to request this or that. As I have said before when reporting to you on my experiences interviewing high powered business executives such as when I was granted an unprecedented chance to meet, engage and interview Mr. H. Lee Scott in 2006. In my article titled, “Interacting
with a Giant; My Experience Interviewing: H. Lee Scott, Jr., CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., I reported to you my experience leading up to and subsequently resulting from an hour and 18-minute-long riveting and impacting exchange with the World’s largest ...