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Published: Mon., May 30th, 2016

Letter to City of Memphis Mayor

MPD 'Disregard' for US Constitution

By: Will G. Louden™ Article Author/Publisher

Will G. Louden™™


Thursday, May 26th, 2016

City of Memphis Mayor
Jim Strickland
125 N Main St #700
Memphis, TN 38103

Via Email:

Greetings Mr. Mayor:

I’m sorry to meet you under these circumstances sir.

Attached to this letter is a formal complaint that I mailed to Memphis Police Internal Affairs last week. I have also attached a carbon copy of the “Internal Affairs Complaint” form provided to me after I completed a nearly SIX hour recount of the events down at the MPD Internal Affairs office on 5.24.16.

The letter details several very unfortunate events as they pertain to my “constitutional rights” as a very proud and accomplished, United States Citizen.

Mayor, as you might imagine, these events were shocking, scary and ultimately unbelievable to me in this day and age of increased citizen scrutiny of the police. I thought it very important to bring this matter to your as well as a select few others attention.

I have already spoken to Lt. Adams with MPD Internal Affairs several times about these very unfortunate events; Likewise, I have also reached out to the United States Department of Justice by phone. A representative for Attorney Kasey Weiland called me back and that US DOJ representative instructed me to, “file a complaint with the FBI,” after I described the events to her over the phone that day. She stated to me during that call, “we have ‘prosecuted’ a lot of corrupt City of Memphis Police Officers, but that usually starts with the FBI.” I obliged and filed a complaint with the FBI over the phone that same day.

Subsequent to my initial communications and initial formal complaint letter with Lt. Adams at MPD Internal Affairs I received a voicemail message from a, “Detective Rogers,” informing me that my complaint would be “logged,” but then later on that day when I called that ‘detective’ back she requested that I “come in,” to file another complaint, stating that given the nature of my complaint it would have to be filed in person.

That request, to be honest sir, threw me for a loop and really puzzled me as I had already spoken to Lt. Adams about the unfortunate sequence of events AND followed her instructions of reducing it to writing. It took me hours and hours to recount the events and reduce them to writing and then head down to the post office to wait in line to mail it, etc. I took time out of my life, sir, to honor Lt. Adam’s request.

On Monday (5.23.16) I called Lt. Adams back and inquired as to IF it would be possible for Internal Affairs to possibly send someone to my home because it would once again greatly inconvenience me to rearrange my life to meet the needs of Internal Affairs. I explained to Lt. Adams during that phone call how I was expecting a very expensive brand spanking NEW rod iron lock set package and I really needed to be around for that delivery as I had already had packages stolen from my front porch in the past. She acknowledged the fact that several package shippers deliver packages without requiring signatures and said that she and the detective (probably detective Rogers) would be by my home the next day around 10:00 a.m. to take my statement and notarize my signature, etc.