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A Brief Background History Article by: Will G. Louden


Published: Wed., Oct. 30th, 2013

Latter 30

By: Will G. Louden™ Founder/CEO

Will G. Louden™™


              Every now and again I think that it’s important for a man (or a woman) to stop and reflect on their life’s most critical moments, what has impacted them along their journey as well as some of the impact that they have had along the way. After all isn’t that part of the reason we are all here, to have some sort of impact on the communities in which we all live, work and play?! Be it good and/or bad the impact is a most critical part of the journey!

              My self reflection involves such things as where I’ve been, who I’ve met, some conversations that I’ve had, some of the things that I have learned as well as

Will G. Louden™

some of the things that I’ve taught! A wise investment banker once told me, “It’s all about the give and take!” Back then I had no idea what he was talking about but as I approach 40 and move to depart my 30’s I think that I am well on my way to understanding his meaning and more. I believe that periodic reflection allows for clarity from the creator as we continue on this our beautiful journey that we call life!

              Ok, now that I am approaching the “big four zero” here is my moment of reflection for sharing some of what I’ve learned, a few of the people that I’ve been fortunate to meet as well as a select few of the finer moments of my life which have brought me to this point! Soon I will be entering the final year of my 30’s (February 18th, 2014) and then be well on my way to 40 and beyond, a merciful GOD willing! :_)

Growing Up/Grade School
              At 38 I can now most certainly appreciate all of the hard fought battles between my mom and dad and my “inner city” public school system. You see as a young boy I did not understand nor have a clue as to what all of the fuss was all about. I did not fully understand why my mother would stay on the phone with my teachers, constantly meet with my middle school principals and even run for and be elected PTA (parent teacher association) president. Now, however; I get it!

              Coming from where I come from we were not the poorest kids on the block by any stretch of the imagination. That would be a gross miss representation. My dad purchased a brand spanking new ‘family car’ every 3 to 5 years, and believes in perfect credit, an idea that I am still working on even to this day – LOL! No but really, I never knew a life of public transportation until I began to travel the country extensively on my own where I was able to develop a sincere appreciation for some good ole reliable (and cheap – lol) “public transpo” where I could save a buck or two. In all fairness, however; we were also not the most connected and/or resourceful family either.

              I did however come from a family where there was mad love from both parents, where both my mom and dad ... <click below to continue>