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Published: Fri., Sept. 19th, 2014

Letter to President Obama for: baby “Aurora Phoenix

By: Will G. Louden™ Founder/CEO

Will G. Louden™™


Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Rarely, Rarely am I ever so compelled to advocate so strongly and directly on the behalf of any one person, but today that opportunity crossed my desk and I am

baby: Aurora Phoenix

moved to action as I was upon accepting the once in a lifetime opportunity to join your campaign as an “Obama Fellow!”

Sir, this letter comes on the behalf of one of your most critical south Florida supporters who’s in dire need of assistance. Attached to this letter is a communication that I received from Mr. Rock Solomon with regards to a very unfortunate sequence of events which are currently befalling his very young family. I write to you, Mr. President, hoping that there may be some sort of known and/or “unknown” assistance available to this family that they may be unaware of.

I can personally attest to the might, good nature, good spirit, and positive attitude levied by Rock during my Obama Fellow volunteer duties in Key West! Never once did I have to ask Rock twice and never once did he let me, or you for that matter, down whenever called upon; but above politics, sir, Rock is someone who I’m just interested in championing because he’s the embodiment of that ‘good ole American spirit’ that we all champion, no matter what the party!

Mr. President, IF ever there was someone deserving of a “break,” that person would be Mr. Solomon in my humble opinion. Please review his case very, very carefully and direct whatever resources appropriate towards the Solomon family load! I am available via electronic mail IF there is a need to verify the authenticity of this communication: (email address OMITTED).


by: Will G. Louden™

Will G. Louden™™

Summer 2012
Obama Fellow

CC: Rick Scott, Governor State of Florida
Charlie Christ, Former Florida Governor
Alan Clendenin, Chairman Florida Democratic Party

Original Note from ROCK SOLOMON below:

“Sorry for the bulk message everyone, but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anybody while I'm trying to get the word out. Please read below, and pass this story along if you will.

My daughter Aurora Phoenix was born in an emergency surgery a few weeks ago and remains in critical condition in the NICU in Miami. She was an identical twin, but her sister didn't survive. She was premature by more than 3 months, and weighed in at less than 1 pound. So far she has beat the odds, but now we are trying to raise awareness for her cause. We started a support group on facebook:

And also a fundraising campaign:

We just ask for your help in spreading the word about her struggle. Thank you.

Rock would like you to support

Baby Aurora Phoenix

Rock Solomon says...

Identical twin sisters Aria and Aurora were born over 3 months premature after a sudden onset of TTTS on August 18th 2014. Their mom was air lifted to Miami but it was too late. Aria had already died, and an emergency surgery had to be done to save her sister. Aurora survived and was rushed to the NICU weighing in under 1 pound. We believe she is a fighter, and gave her the middle name of Phoenix, hoping that she rises like a flame from the ashes of her twin sister.

Aurora is expected to be in the hospital for the rest of 2014. Her mom and I reclocated from Key West, and are staying in Miami to be closer to our surviving daughter. With the mounting medical bills and the costs of living here coupled with a loss of work, we hope this fund will help.

Aside from raising money, we also want to raise awareness, positive energy and prayers. If you would like to light a candle for Aurora, please do and post a picture here.

Share on Twitter: #ACandleForAurora
What is TTTS?
What is a Micro-Preemie?

Thank you for reading, and please keep those candles lit.

Rock and Michele”

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