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Published: Wed., Sept. 03rd, 2014

Toying with a Tyrant; Instructions

to Russia on How to Play the Game

By: Will G. Louden™ Article Author/Publisher

Will G. Louden™™


              Dear President Putin:

              So here we are… They’re toying with you! AGAIN! Aren’t they?!! Sorry man I can’t help you. Truth of the matter is you took that Snowden guy in and gave him cover/refuge when they clearly told you NOT to… He was BAIT! lol :_)

              I mean come on man you should have seen that one coming!!! Didn’t you take a queue from China??? They passed that hot potato right along to you the moment his jet landed on their soil! Ok so please allow me an opportunity to try and shed some light on these situations; I’ll attempt to help you out a little, but only because I’ve met some of your people and I really, really like ‘em a LOT but this toying is most likely going to hurt them much more than you! You’ll likely grow old and grey with them still toying with you all the way up to the point where you either transition and/or pass on and then the next leader of your country will likely have to pick up right where they left off with your toying! Are you aware of the level of isolation of North Korea, Cuba, and/or Iran? etc. etc. etc. Need I go on sir?! They don’t plan on giving up SOLE SUPER POWER status anytime soon, in my humble opinion, and any perceived negative moves that you make now beyond my below recommendations/suggestions, etc. will more than most likely and eventually land your country into the same exact category as the aforementioned! ISOLATION!!! At least one of those countries has nukes too but they live in total and complete fear and isolation. Is that really what you want, i.e. aspire to?! Think about my below commentary very, very carefully, SIR!

              Anyway… That guy, Snowden (most likely) didn’t escape US airspace undetected with all sorts of “state secrets” (not without their permission/blessing's at least – LOL)! I just don’t believe that! I suspect that they sent him to you!!! Hint: He’s probably STILL working for “them!” Now don’t tell them that I told you that! They might get very, very angry, and you wouldn’t like ‘em when they’re angry! lol :_)

              So that’s the first place you went wrong. You gave our power players the exact cover that they needed to sell you as a “bad guy” to the American people. LOL! Brilliant isn’t it?! Thereby setting the stage for whatever resulting toying that you’ll surely endure for a minimum of the next 10 consecutive years! I suspect your toying will last more like 50 consecutive years when it’s all said and done… You didn’t really buy that whole “button reset ceremony” thingy either, now did you?! LOL! WOW bro! These folks are “master manipulators” (duel disguise)!!!

              Then you ask me what is this all about?! My initial answer is: well I don’t really know, but I highly suspect that it has absolutely nothing to do with the security of that very, very, very tiny/little/small country Ukraine, right there in your back yard! No offense to the wonderful people of Ukraine, but I just can’t see them caring all that much about your country (Ukraine). In fact they probably did have a slight hand in the initial destabilization, and even IF they didn’t it provided for the perfect opportunity for the “toying” to begin!!! <click below to continue>