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Published: Mon., Sept. 01st, 2014

Whitehouse Bar-B-Queue for a Childs’ Future;

End the Lawsuit and Delay World War III

By: Will G. Louden™ Article Author/Publisher

Will G. Louden™™


              One of the absolute highlights from my past very amazing Georgian volunteer experience came when I was at the train station about to depart the village on an 11 hour midnight train ride bound for the capital city. I’ve never publicly shared this story until today! I suppose that news of my apparent departure moved swiftly about the village as several members from the community immediately came to the train station to meet me and offer final thanks and words of trying to get me to stay, etc. But my job there was done!

              One of the exchanges in general that impacted me the most in a very meaningful and powerful way was between a Georgian father and his very young son. I estimate that the young man had to be between a year and two years old. The dad couldn’t speak much IF any English and my Georgian was choppy at best, but when he approached me and handed me his very young son, almost as IF to say, “will you Bless his future for me,” I could instantly tell that the dad knew that I was someone special and that as a parent he only wanted the best for his developing child. I received that!

              Anyway, to make a very long story short I held the baby boy in my arms/hands as his father looked on for a brief moment and then handed the kid back to his dad. In that moment, in that instance I understood more of the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters from all over the world!! They only want what we want. A bright future filled with opportunity, safety and peace for their young. I GOT IT! It’s really not all about US V THEM because really at the end of the day we’re all in this TOGETHER! This planet is our entire home for now! It’s all we’ve got!!! We haven’t figured out yet how to safely colonize another planet in the cosmic neighborhood (or at least they haven’t told the masses IF they have). So as for now, as Michael Jackson so eloquently put it, “this is it!”

As I sit here today I understand a little more of the Obama Foreign Policy! It appears to be something of, “reserve the United States might to protect the homeland and United States interests around the world FIRST” and then our allies and then all other hotspots as necessary. IF that’s the strategy, as it would appear, from a layman’s standpoint of view at least; it’s BRILLIANT!!! I fully support the apparent strategy; in fact I give the President and his team an “A” for now on Foreign Diplomacy. On the domestic front, however; I just can’t help but to ... <click below to continue>