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Helen Robson Walton: 1918 – 2007; Mother of Four and a Store; By: Will G. Louden™


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July 16th, 2007

Helen Robson Walton 1918 – 2007;

Mother of Four and a Store

Published: Monday, July 16th, 2007

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Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

              In this life there are those among us who possess special traits and gifts. Persons who not only manifest all that is possible within the human race, and absolutely defy, electrify and magnify all odds and reach the highest levels of human conciseness and existence. They subconsciously set the bar for which we all live by and reach the pinnacle of all success that this life has to offer. These people are what I call earthly angels; people who are blessed in bountiful ways to touch, inspire, lead and guide us all. Their lives are hard to ignore, their beliefs solid, their actions, goals, and dreams are all amazing.

Helen R. Walton, Mother of Four & A Store.

Helen R. Walton, Mother of Four and A Store

Picture Courtesy: Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.

              This tribute is dedicated to an absolute glorious life. Helen Robson Walton was the mother of four and a store. She was a visionary, partner, business leader, and community pillar. She was not only mother to her four very prominent and resourceful children, she was

Helen R. Walton, Funeral Picture

Helen R. Walton, Funeral Picture

Picture © 2007, VGIS, Inc. & Will G. Louden

also mother to an amazingly great American success story: Wal*Mart, which is a massive phenomenon and wild business success created by her and the late Mr. Samuel Moore Walton, her husband.

              The success of Wal*Mart has been continually attributed to a direct correlation of the morals and values contributed by her and Mr. Sam. Many people call it corporate culture, but really it’s all about how you treat and engage people - that’s the real secret behind the company known as Wal*Mart.

              Mother Helen was known as a Community Pillar. Her life was a perfect example of how to give back when the universe blesses you in an unimaginable and “larger than life” way. Looking briefly at her life, all one can say is “Wow,

what an absolute inspiration, what a shinning example. What a life well led.” I refer to Helen Walton as Mother Helen because that’s who she was – a very significant mother to the way we all do business in the twenty-first century.

              Monday, April 23rd, 2007 however was her date with destiny, the day that our earthly angel went home with a proper and honorable sendoff. The “Witness to The Resurrection” ceremony for Mother Helen began at about 1:45 p.m. central standard time at First Presbyterian Church, located in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is the home to the worlds largest company, Wal*Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) and several members of the Walton family including Mother Helen. It’s hard to mention ...