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Leveraging: Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE)™ to Achieve a More Sustainable Tomorrow;  By: Will G. Louden™


Special "Global Warming" Article

Published: July 9th, 2011

Leveraging: Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE)™

to Achieve a More Sustainable Tomorrow;

Leveraging “ICE” for “Global Warming”

A "NEW Deal" Contract with Mother Earth

Will G. Louden™™


the globe. The five elements of the new ICE deal are: a clear understanding of the ICE Concept, the conceptual units, the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, the global operational infrastructure/strategy, and the subsequent ICE recommendations/overall global objectives.

The Basic ICE Concept

              Basic WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE involves leveraging integrated systems, resources and efficiencies to achieve a better bottom line, eradicate and/or dramatically reduce waste, as well as achieve a more sustainable planet. Adopting, leveraging, embracing and deploying WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE should equip individuals, corporations, governments and organizations of every size with the precise tools necessary to achieve a greater degree of Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE)™, while at the same time providing many quantifiable solutions for a mad and heating planet. The WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE concept is a also a cost effective tool for achieving lower overall operating costs and scaleable operational solutions, processes and procedures, for going concerns of every size and at every level.

              The educational unit is an exceptionally critical element to the entire WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE concept. Although the main priority for the™ concept is to provide a global training platform for venture stakeholders, it is also positioned to serve as a centralized educational storefront of sorts where unaffiliated parties may also gain access to the public portions of the WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE concepts.

    ™ exists to improve the working knowledgebase for a variety of constituencies who are involved with next generation sustainable resources for mankind and planet. Marketing and a secure global operational control (infrastructure) are also vitally important elements in the WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE space. Global economies of scale and scope are manageable and attainable under this plank. Recommendations and conclusions are simple requirements necessary for achieving full scale global operational efficiencies and measurement matrices for sustainable results.

Conceptual Units

Financial Services Unit
              The core products and services of this proposed conceptual unit will contribute significantly to national and global firm security, operational efficiencies as well as sustainability. A sampling of the WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE products and services slated for global launch under this conceptual unit include, however are not limited to are: secure client accounts (conceptual paper continued on the next page)...