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Leveraging: Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE)™ to Achieve a More Sustainable Tomorrow;  By: Will G. Louden™


Special "Global Warming" Article

Published: July 9th, 2011

Leveraging: Integrated Capital Efficiency (ICE)™

to Achieve a More Sustainable Tomorrow;

Leveraging “ICE” for “Global Warming”

A "NEW Deal" Contract with Mother Earth

Will G. Louden™™


              Mile-wide tornado's, relentless hurricanes, bone chilling ice storms, violent volcanoes, raging wildfires, demanding earthquakes, thousand-year floods, blinding dust storms, mud slides, sink holes, apocalyptic ocean waves, and I could go on and on and on. There appears to be no limits to the exacting levels of “natural selection” that Mother Earth is ready, willing and able to inflict, dispense and/or otherwise levy upon her inhabitants for the apparent “deal breaking” excesses that we have come to know, appreciate, expect and in some cases demand as a part of the “human contract” and our standard and normal ways of living.

              The climate changes which are plaguing our planet today are no longer as easy to ignore and write off as minor anomalies as in years past. The truth of the matter is that the planets weather patterns continue to exhibit wild swings in change and progressively emit upon us a new normal of erratic constructs to match our standard and normal ways of living. These new earthly mandates which were solely dictated by an apparent, “mad planet” have seemingly arrived without consult, discussion and/or negotiation from its human counterparty. These basic elements which are found in most any sound business dealing have all but been ignored by the planetary parties, resulting in the inevitable situational standoff where the human species is poised to loose brutally against its more formidable non-negotiating, resource-rich, and controlling parent. The planet is now weighing in with a very heavy fist, an ironclad grasp, and exercising its first right-of-refusal in reclaiming its sole position as judge, jury and executioner. Mother Earth is “warm under the collar,” and is letting it be known that she is displeased with the habits and entitled behaviors of her human partners. Although, it’s long past time the parties come back to the table and consummate a coexisting deal executed in good faith where a win-win is once again the order of the day.

              Conventional expert wisdom; however, is that human behaviors and attitudes are what have in large part contributed to an erosion in the relationship and an absence of Mother Earth from the preverbal “deal-table.” Increased levels of carbon emissions, which are believed to be the result of a significant burning of fossil fuels, are what are contributing to disappearing ozone which is causing sun energy to become trapped in the earth’s atmosphere which is ultimately leading to a heating of the planet.

              While a sufficient planetary deal has not been reached as of late, there remains some opportunity to arrive at an amicable settlement. I propose that we, the human counter signers, fight fire with ICE, WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE that is. WILLLOUDEN.COM™ ICE or Integrated Capital Efficiency™ (ICE) is a simple idea and way towards a reduction in carbon emissions. The concept is a basic five prong approach towards slowing if not reversing the apparent heating of (conceptual paper continued on the next page)...